11 of the Best Kitchen Islands for Those Who Love to Cook

Thinking of putting a kitchen island into your home?

Being the heart of a home, the kitchen is where healthy nutrition and good conversation happens. We’re all for improving our kitchens, and having a kitchen island gives you more space to work, and helps keep your collection organized.

It can be tough deciding which kitchen island style to go for, so we’ve rounded up 5 our favorite styles for kitchen islands for those who love to cook.


Double the Duty

Space can be one of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a kitchen island. How do you make space for both your dining area and your kitchen island? The solution is simple. Extend your kitchen island to double up as both. We love this white kitchen from this small Krakow apartment. The dining area is beautifully integrated into the kitchen, allowing for conversations to flow uninterrupted even when the chef of the day is busy cooking.

But even with a separate dining area, extending the kitchen island, to feature a t-shape setting like in this sophisticated Belsize Park home is a great way to accommodate guests. We’ve all experienced having to go back and forth in the kitchen to serve our guests. Having a kitchen area, where friends and family, can sit down together keeps the area open and inviting.

Minimal homes can also make use of their kitchen space by adding an informal dining area like this home on the banks of Lake Tahoe. We’re often on a hurry during the mornings and having an area for a quick bite or a cup of coffee near the kitchen can save those precious minutes. Hey why do you think they call it a breakfast bar?


Going Round

If you want more personality in your kitchen, opt for a circular or crescent shaped kitchen island. This luxurious penthouse in London sets a wonderful example with its polished kitchen counter top that allows for elegant work space. Every moment of the cooking process is as tasteful as the finished plate.

A half-circle island also works beautifully to balance out rectangular dimensions of the kitchen. Notice how the compact kitchen island of this contemporary home in Edmonton softens the masculine kitchen area with the curved counter top of the kitchen island. It creates a nice focal point and gives the kitchen a unique charm.


Sit in Style

Not quite ready to extend your kitchen island to include a dining area? Choose to integrate seating instead! There’s no going wrong with cantilevered edges that give way for bar stools like this gorgeous kitchen in Taipei. Feel like you’re in an episode of Master Chef and surprise your friends and family with your latest home cooked specialty.

Sitting on bar stools perched over the raised kitchen island may not be for everyone, but you can still incorporate seating in a subtle way. By designing a built in sofa that tucks away seamlessly under the kitchen island, you get comfortable seating without the clutter that comes with multiple pieces of stools or chairs, ideal for open plan kitchens.


Back to Basics

An effective kitchen island doesn’t need to be filled with extra sinks or stoves, rather they offer you extra surface area to whip up those meals with the least clutter as possible. Go back to basics by opting for a furniture-style kitchen island reminiscent of the old days to add character to your kitchen.

The extra storage that comes with a kitchen island also does wonders for times when meal prep gets disorganized. We love this kitchen island from a Hamptons-style home that features plenty of drawers for your growing cooking ware.


Get Creative

This playful asymmetric kitchen island makes it into our list. Part of a tall and storied apartment in Budapest, the designers make use of the exposed brick pillar to extend their kitchen area while still allowing the owners to pass through the corridor effortlessly.

Kitchen islands can find its place even in a narrow kitchen. This kitchen in a terraced home in Poland makes great use of the space by creating a custom shaped kitchen island that mimics the shape of the narrow walls.

Are you inspired to add a kitchen island to your kitchen? Which one do you like most? Let us know in the comments below.

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