15 Must Have Pet Accessories for a Minimal Home

One of the best things about having pets is the excitement of our furry friends greeting us when we step through the door. Welcome home. There’s nothing quite like a friendly puppy kiss to ease you into relaxation mode after a busy day.

But while pets are adorable to have around, it can get tricky to find comfortable beds and toys that fit with our minimalist interiors. Here we’ve rounded up 15 fantastic pet accessories for your creative and clutter-free home.

Covo Bed

Minimalist Covo Bed featured on NONAGON.style

Allow your favorite companion to lounge around in style in the Covo Bed by MiaCara. We’re loving the elevated rear that acts as a hood, ideal for cats or dogs who want to curl up and snuggle in. Which is all of them, right? It comes in an oak or walnut finish that blends well with your wooden coffee table.


Kläffer Pet Bed

Klaeffer Bed featured on NONAGON.style
Klaeffer Bed featured on NONAGON.style

As much as we enjoy sharing our bed with our fur babies, having a separate pet bed might be your best way of getting that good night’s sleep. Moorman’s Kläffer bed comes in an elegant flat pack you can assemble and place right next to your bed.


SIRO Twist Bed

SIRO Twist Bed featured on NONAGON.style

It’s nice to keep your space light and simple especially when there’s a lot of sunshine coming in. We think this SIRO Twist bed is a refreshing option for your pets, with its roped basket frame giving off tropical vibes and balmy summer days.


Felt Cat Bed

Felt Cat Bed featured on NONAGON.style
Felt Cat Bed featured on NONAGON.style

Cute kitten in a basket will make your heart explode. Who needs endless hours of YouTube cat videos when you can have your own kitty in a basket? Elevele makes these charming felt cat beds in pastel shades. Simply purr-fect.



Modern Catcube featured on NONAGON.style
Modern Catcube featured on NONAGON.style

Our sneaky feline friends love playing hide and seek so why not get them a CatCube that’s sure to get them playing for hours. It’s hard to peel yourself away from the pretty white chevron details on the cube’s exterior. Even when the little kitty is off exploring around the house, the CatCube is still a fairly pretty and sculptural sight to have around in your living room.


The Missy Cave

Missy Cat Cave featured on NONAGON.style

We all get a little short on space sometimes and having a multi-functioning piece of furniture is a good solution. The Missy Cave by Pup & Kit goes straight onto our wish list just for fulfilling two functions – a coffee table for you, and a cozy cave for your cat.


Torre Cat Tower

Torre Cat Tower featured on NONAGON.style

Yes to pets but no to them damaging the furniture? Cat scratch towers can look a bit out of place, but MiaCara’s Torre Cat Tower brilliantly combines form and function by letting your cat indulge in their natural desires to climb and scratch, but give them a diversion from the couch. It blends seamlessly with your classic interiors and saves your precious sofa from destruction.


Afternoon Table

The perfect hiding place for your kitten (on NONAGON.style)
The perfect hiding place for your kitten (on NONAGON.style)

It’s time to keep your cat’s litter box away from plain sight with this handsome Afternoon Table. Tapered wooden legs and a classic rectangular shape, ideal for homes with a natural color palette or a kind of Scandinavian style decor. The door makes it easy to access for when it’s time to clear out the kitty litter.


Modern Pet Quilt

Modern Pet Quilt (on NONAGON.style)
Modern Pet Quilt (on NONAGON.style)

This is just as much for you as your dear pets, but lay out one of these alluring handmade quilts from Barbara Perrino they can roll around on. We’re loving the subtle green and black stripes that give the quilt some character.


The Odin

The Odin Puzzle Toy (on NONAGON.style)

It’s easy to spoil our cheeky pooches by showering them with treats, but here’s a way to get them their daily dose of exercise at the same time. Up Dog Toys’ The Odin is a modern chew toy that gives them the right amount of challenge to keep them entertained and get that snack. You can put treats inside the flaps and the more they play with Odin, the more treats fall out gradually.


The Kena

The Kena Squeaky Toy (on NONAGON.style)
Lovely Corgi playing with the Kena Squeaky Toy (on NONAGON.style)

We also love The Kena because it’s giving traditional plastic squeaky toys a run for their money. Made with a sturdy canvas center, these fabric toy bones continue to squeak while being bitten. Looks like play time’s about to get more exciting and aesthetically appealing.


Concrete Bowl

Concrete feeding bowl featured on NONAGON.style

We’ve seen concrete decor take the home decor world by storm in recent years because of its cool, calm demeanor so it’s no surprise that we’d want a perfect concrete feeding bowl to match. Making sure that your dogs don’t have to chase around the food bowl while stuffing their tummies; it’s designed to stay still given the weight of the concrete so it serves more than just lookin’ good.


Miska Good Appetite Bowl

Geometric feeding bowl featured on NONAGON.style
Geometric feeding bowl featured on NONAGON.style
We’re all for mixing metals and we’ve found the perfect accessory to give your stainless steel bowls an upgrade. Give their treats a little lift with this Miska Good Appetite Bowl that lets them eat on a level they’re comfortable with. As the geometric trend goes strong, we’re loving the bowl’s modern yet minimal feel.


Ceramic Treats Bowl and Jars

Ceramic pet jar and bowl featured on NONAGON.style
Ceramic Treat Jar featured on NONAGON.style

There was a time when I’d keep my pet treats in their original plastic wrappers, tucked in the cupboard of course, but I couldn’t count how many times my dog would run up to me every time I held plastic thinking I was about to give him treats. Looking back, I wish I’d had a nice jar, seeing how gorgeous Waggo’s Ceramic Treat Jar and Bowl is. The splatter details remind me of dalmatians. We also love the matching bowls.

With all the gorgeous pet items out there, you’ll never worry about redesigning your home to accommodate your pet’s unsightly scratch post or wonder where to put the litter box. How do you pick out the best pet toys for your home? Is there something you’ve been looking for that you can’t track down? Leave us a comment and let us know!