5 Simple Ways Recesses Help Create a Modern Home

From floating cabinetry to ceilings that seem to defy gravity, there are certain home design trends that make our homes look contemporary. This article is about the way recessed spaces are popularly used in our modern homes.

You might be asking, what are recesses? And how do they affect the overall design of our homes? With clean lines and hidden joints, we want to explain different ways that recesses can give your home a clean modern finish.


1. Raise the Ceiling

Have you ever head of recessed ceilings?

A recessed ceiling, or a tray ceiling, is designed to look like the central part of the ceiling is higher than the surrounding area in the room. Instead of the traditional crown molding used to transition the wall to the ceiling, a recessed ceiling gives off cleaner lines and creates a visually distinct division for different areas in a room.

Take a look at the living room of a modern penthouse in Moscow. The walls of the living area transition smoothly into the ceiling, while the kitchen area and the corridors are sectioned off with a lower ceiling. This creates openness in the living space, allowing a flow of energy in the area ideal for enjoying a relaxing time with the family.

Another great example of the recessed ceiling is in this country home in Taiwan. Here, they drew attention to the ceiling by using wooden textures that contrast with the other half of the room’s white walls. There’s a distinction created by the recessed ceiling that makes the dining area feel like a completely different room from the lounge area while still keeping it open. The wooden recessed ceiling also adds warmth to the room, great for having conversations with the family after a long day.


2. Let There Be Light

Lighting is an important element in designing a modern home. While architectural chandeliers are a wonderful option to add interest to a room, recessed lighting can also  be an elegant and sophisticated option. By combining traditional lighting within a recess, the room feels balanced and inviting.

Notice the way the recessed lighting creates a strip of warm light across this modern home. The warmth offsets the room’s cool walls and complements the wooden cabinets. It enhances the study area, making it a relaxing place to read and study.


3. Float Those Walls

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(image source)

A reveal base is another way recesses are used to give the home a modern feel. By creating a small recessed space between the wall and the floor, the reveal base makes the wall seem like it’s floating. Reveals can be adjusted depending on how close you want it to the floor, and also be painted in colors that match or contrast the walls. It adds crisp, clean edges that complement minimal furniture.

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Recesses can also be placed in between the wall and the baseboard. Also known as the flushed baseboard, it allows the wall to transition to the floor with minimal details. Compared to traditional wall trims that create an extra layer to the walls, flushed recessed baseboards offer a flat surface that blend effortlessly with the walls. You can opt to paint in a contrasting color to the wall, or keep it neutral for that beautiful, sleek finish.

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4. Hold Tight

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One of the main principles of designing a minimalist home includes keeping interior elements as simple as possible. Recessed handrails are a refreshing way to minimize visual clutter while still keeping the area functional. It also adds dimension to bare walls and creates a flow of movement in narrow spaces.

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5. Hiding in Plain Sight

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We’re big fans of clutter-free homes and maximizing small spaces with minimal furniture. The use of recessed shelves are a brilliant way to create extra storage space while still maintaining the room’s original dimensions. We love the way the books hide in plain sight yet still remain visible.

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Say goodbye to protruding shelves in the bathroom that make the area feel cramped. Recessed shelves work well in the bathroom to help keep your toiletries handy and organized.

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