8 Secret Spaces and the Coolest Hidden Doors

There are many reasons to have a secret room. Firstly, they’re fun. But more practically, they reduce visual clutter by keeping design elements consistent, or can give you extra privacy by having a secret place to escape to. Whatever your reason, concealed rooms are clever options to consider when designing your space.

Incorporating hidden rooms into your home isn’t as complicated as you think. You can easily tuck a study room away from plain sight, or even add a storage room behind the kitchen. Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite hidden spaces to give you inspiration for your next renovation.


Spot the En Suite

This bright home in the west of London makes brilliant use of the bedroom space by opting for a secret bathroom hidden behind closet doors. When the doors are closed, it’s hard to tell the difference between the closet doors and the bathroom doors. Initially, the owners wanted a special dressing room for their bedroom but an en suite bathroom proved to be a more practical choice. See more of the home here.

(image source)

(image source)

Here’s another example of an en suite bathroom designed to keep the bedroom minimal. The room features big open windows that flood the room with light and cast a nice shadow over the beautiful wooden walls. With a little push, the tall wooden panel opens to a spacious hidden bathroom giving the space a modern feel.


Where’s the Bedroom?

You’ll never guess that this gorgeous marble wall in the living room in a Taiwan apartment hides a bedroom behind its walls. The living room retains an air of modernity with its uninterrupted lines and sleek edges. Have a look at the other surprises in this home here.

Instead of having a separate home office or study room, reduce distraction by installing a wall bed you can tuck away as soon as you wake up. You’ll not only have more space, you’ll also be free from the temptation of going back to bed. Productivity for the win! See more of this historic Barcelona apartment here.

If you’re short on space, ditch the bulky TV and stick it in storage, like the simple solution found in  this London family home. By removing the coat rail, you’ll have enough space for a flat screen TV. Simply open the closet doors and snuggle comfortably in bed to enjoy your movie marathon. Tour the rest of the home here.


What’s Under the Stairs?

We showed you how to maximize space under the stairs and this Lithaunian loft shows us another brilliant way to keep the powder room accessible for when you have guests over. See more of this home here.


Surprises in the Kitchen

It’s important to keep clutter at a minimal when entertaining guests especially in the kitchen area. With food prep going on, it can be hard to manage all the kitchenware without a separate work surface. Take inspiration from this villa in the valley by having the laundry room and the preparation area hidden from view. Have a closer look here.

(image source)

(image source)

We’re big fans of Japanese-style homes that exude tranquility and zen in their design. Here, sliding screens open to reveal a kitchen area complete with shelves and even a refrigerator. We love the uninterrupted flow the screen creates with the rest of the space allowing you to indulge peacefully in your meals without a view of your busy kitchen.

Do you have secret rooms at home? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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