9 Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking Easier

The kitchen is where you whip up your culinary masterpiece and it’s only right that it comes well-equipped. With plenty of clever gadgets and innovative home technology, it’s time to grow your collection with the latest kitchen tools that will make cooking easier. Here are 9 kitchen gadgets to get your hands on right now.


Getting Started


Life would be so much easier if you didn’t have to peel and chop onions individually. Well, we’re in luck because The Rouncer claims to be able to dice and slice onions within 5 seconds. With 14 different blades to help you slice, dice, cut, peel, all you have to do is cut the onion in half and let The Rouncer do the rest of the work. This works with fruits and vegetables too, so this definitely goes on the wishlist.

Say goodbye to baking disasters with Drop Scale, a smart scale that makes sure every ounce of flour and syrup is well accounted for. This smart scale helps you adjust, rescale quantities and substitute ingredients so you’ll never have to guess your portions. Their Drop Recipes App also comes in handy, whether your planning a birthday cake or trying out a new cupcake mix.



Working from your kitchen island, or a limited surface area? You’ll love the Frankfurter Brett Workbench. Ditch the clutter and multiple cutting boards and lay it all out on the workbench for a quick and easy preparation. Brackets can be pulled out from all sides of the chopping board to fit containers so you can have all your ingredients and tools in one place.
Turn Up the Heat

It can be a hassle trying to find a place for lids and ladles, especially when your kitchen countertop is already busy. You’ll want to keep it close by the pot, which makes the LidSitter a wonderful solution to a limited counter space. Simply use the LidSitter to prop up the lid by the rim and carry on adding spices and condiments to the dish.

Reduce the risk of kitchen fires by choosing stove knobs that help you turn off the burners when the need arises. Inirv React is a smart device that detects high levels of smoke and heat, and reacts by turning the stove off to prevent fires from happening. The set comes with a sensor unit and a knob unit you can use to replace your existing knobs, giving you and your family that added security. One notable feature is the child safety lock you can switch on from the smartphone app to keep curious hands away from the stove.

Whether you like your steak medium rare or well done, get that meat just right with the help of Range – a smart cooking thermometer that tells you when your roast is ready! Range notifies you through your smartphone as soon as you reach the desired temperature.
On the Go

Evak has been around for a while but it’s hard to come by a storage solution that works as well as Evak does. Made with glass containers, Evak takes air-tight to a whole new level by letting you evacuate air by pushing down the lid to fit the quantity stored inside. Herbs, dried fruits and nuts are sure to stay fresh for longer, with only stainless steel coming in contact with your food.

It’s hard to find the perfect lunch box when you love to experiment on your meals, but the Compleat Foodskin offers a flexible solution. Made with an elastic silicone skin, your sandwich stays in place without the need for a toothpick to hold it together. Choose between three vibrant colors and you can slip it into your bag for a fuss-free morning.

The Imbue Tea Vessel lets you brew your favorite loose leaf tea wherever you are, which is great news for tea-lovers! Designed by industrial design students of the Western Washington University, Imbue lets you steep tea by simply flipping the glass vessel upside down. As soon as it’s ready, flip it right side up and enjoy a soothing cup on the go.

Which kitchen gadget would you love to have at home? Tell us in the comments down below. If you’re interested in more tech updates, read about the 7 home tech items hitting the market this year.

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