A Vibrant Home for Two in Turkey

When this newly married couple moved into their new apartment, they were looking for a home that reflected their enthusiastic, adventurous and energetic personalities. What resulted was a vibrant, Scandinavian-styled modern apartment filled with elements that maximize space and create an inspiring environment. Let’s take a tour!

A Vibrant Home for Two (at NONAGON.style)

Take one step into the apartment and you’ll be welcomed by a bright and open living space, with windows that let in a lot of light. White walls make the entire space feel larger while a cool blue living room give it a peaceful vibe. It’s hard to believe that this 40-year-old apartment used to have many doors and corridors that previously made the space dark and cramped.

Because the apartment was old, the crumbling walls had to be broken down and the entire plumbing and electrical system had to be replaced. A great time to re-think your living quarters! The space was transformed into a much larger area that allowed the couple greater flexibility to move around.

Mix up your dining table chairs!

World map on the walls so you can plan your big adventures!

The world map in the dining room is stunning, and easily the couple’s favorite part of the house. Because they enjoy traveling, the map reminds them of places they’ve visited and the memories they’ve made. They can also personalize the area by displaying photos of their journey.

Friendly and warm apartment space

Dining room and living room - great way to split up the spaces

Having different types of dining chairs also keeps the area dynamic. The mix of metallic and wooden textures complements the industrial-style lighting.

Modular shelving and a cozy window seat!

The neon lights read Grateful serving as a reminder for the couple for their gratitude while giving the living room vivacity, set against the clean white brick wall.

Hooray for modular shelving!

The couple can also customize the entire TV unit structure depending on their needs. Apart from the fixed cabinets at the bottom and the white vertical structure, everything else can be personalized to fit their taste and changing needs.

They can rearrange the shelves or add in rods for decorative lighting. The wooden panel is a nice touch, allowing them to plug in wooden pieces for additional storage.

Entry way that welcomes you!

The colorful tiled wall decor gives the couple a warm welcome home every single day. There’s even a subtle hook to make sure they never lose their keys. The entry way also provides visitors a space to hang their coats, incorporated in the tall open shelves.

La Cucina - That's the kitchen!

Colorful wooden panels tessellate for laid back frivolity

The unusual wooden pattern in the kitchen cabinets bring in plenty of energy to the space, making it perfect for the couple always on the go.

Pairing wood, white and brick together for easy kitchen living

Despite the compact area of the kitchen, everything they need from the stove to the refrigerator fit perfectly.

Modular shelving for the home office

The home office is an essential part of the house as well. The wife works mainly from home so it was important to design the room in a functional way yet still keep it balanced with a pleasant atmosphere. She particularly loved the removable racks that she can adjust anytime on her own.

Home office modular unit for storage and organization

The designers chose a vibrant black and yellow color scheme to keep the space inspiring and productive. The geometric lighting also provides a great match to the iconic Bertoia chairs.

Calm and warm bedroom environment in blue and yellow

The bedroom offers a serene space for the couple to unwind. Its softer tones are a lovely contrast to the energized shapes and sharper angles in the rest of the house. I love the customized shelving system that lets them hang planters, paired with simple lights.

Check out the tiles in this bathroom!

Cozy corner for night time supper (see the rest of this house on NONAGON.style!)

Home office storage and organization

It’s easy to why the owners loved the project from the beginning all the way to completion. The once small, dark apartment has been transformed into the home of their dreams with the character and vibrancy of their personalities.

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Project: Levent Evi

Design: Coa Mimarlik

Photos: Coa Mimarlik