Accidental Wes Anderson Interiors

The internet is a wonderful place. It has after all treated us to an abundance of viral gems ranging from the infectious giggles of Chewbaca mom, that exasperating blue dress controversy and a certain catchy anthem dedicated to everyone’s favorite day of the week. The world wide web’s latest gift to humankind though might just be the best yet. Enter the Accidental Wes Anderson Subreddit.

An Icelandic Lighthouse reminiscent of the Wes Anderson aesthetic. (image source)

Dedicated Reddit users and Wes Anderson-philes have bandied together to share locations from around the world that evoke the genius director’s trademark aesthetic. From Hong Kong to Scotland, Toronto, Milan and Cuba, the thread includes a range of buildings, subways, pools, hotels, even lighthouses, which match Wes Anderson’s penchant for pastels, symmetry and whimsy. Scrolling through the visual wonderland sparked enchantment and delight in us all here at – so much so that we decided to create our very own ode to Wes Anderson. Welcome to Accidental Wes Anderson Interiors.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson's pink Grand Budapest Hotel. (image source)

Set in the fictional European republic of Zubrowka, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a romantic candy-colored vintage feast for the eyes. We love the utterly beguiling use of Pepto-Bismal pink, alongside the intriguing mix of Art Deco and classic Art Nouveau references throughout the film – it seems every set is calling out to be used as interior design inspo!

Accidental Wes Anderson interior. Pink and blue entryway by Mary Mcdonald featuring gold mirror and chinoiserie. (image source)

Mary Mcdonald’s use of that distinctive bubblegum pink laced with blue instantly places this elegant entryway in Wes Anderson territory. Instead of Art Deco, touches of chinoiserie work to recall the former pre-war opulence of the Grand Budapest, whilst that stunning gold mirror looks like it was plucked straight from the hotel’s lobby.

Accidental Wes Anderson interior. Pink bathroom with exposed copper pipes and circle mirror. (image source 1, 2)

Fabiana Zanin’s pretty in pink bathroom is a lot cleaner than the facilities at the Grand Budapest that’s for sure, but the industrial subway tiles and exposed copper plumbing ensure that classic vintage Wes Anderson vibe.

Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson Moonrise Kingdom. (image source)

A world apart from Zubrowska, Moonrise Kingdom charts the charming tale of young love through a blur of khaki on khaki, with the occasional splash of youthful sky blue and sunshine yellow. Interiors-wise, imagine nostalgic boy scout embellishments, a vintage Crosley record player and rattan picnic baskets and you’re half way there.

Accidental Wes Anderson interior. Kids bedroom featuring matching animal-themed Pierre Frey wallpaper and bed skirts. (image source)

This children’s bedroom in Agnès Monplaisir’s country estate is basically Camp Ivanhoe in permanent dwelling form. The matching Pierre Frey wallpaper and bed skirts in particular perfectly capture the film’s wistful quasi-sepia toned aesthetic.

Accidental Wes Anderson interior. Blue walls and organized clutter featuring taxidermy, vintage board games and old books. (image source)

Every single accessory in this space, from the slightly perturbed racoon taxidermy to the retro board games and worn book collection, could easily be at home in the Moonrise Kingdom world. Kitsch and slightly awkward looking, we love how the design haphazardly comes together to create a sense of organized clutter reminiscent of our grandparents’ homes.

The Royal Tenenbaums

Wes Anderson The Royal Tenenbaums. (image source)

The Tenenbaum family home is perhaps one of the most iconic Wes Anderson sets to date. Pink walls, wood panelling and taxidermy make for a precarious balance of tradition and idiosyncrasy – it’s the perfect personification of the dysfunctional family.

Accidental Wes Anderson interior. Vintage styled mismatched entryway featuring gallery wall, taxidermy and pink walls. (image source)

Accidental Wes Anderson interior. Vintage styled mismatched entryway featuring gallery wall, taxidermy and pink walls. (image source)

Full disclosure: this Chicago townhouse is actually purposefully inspired by the the Tenenbaum house, making it less accidental and more, well, deliberate. But we had to include this in our round up given how perfectly Wes Anderson-esque this space is. Tenenbaum pink? Check. Symmetrical gallery wall? Check. Eccentric accessories? Double check. We love how interior designer Summer Thornton effortlessly (and expertly) mixes and matches vintage furniture pieces to create an eclectic yet homey vibe.

Accidental Wes Anderson interiors. Powder room featuring Zebra Masai Scalamadre wallpaper. (image source 1, 2)

For fashion lovers, Margot Tenenbaum has become synonymous with mink coats, striped Lacoste polo dresses and kohl rimmed eyes. For home decor lovers on the other hand, the most memorable aspect of the precocious playwright turned bad girl has to be that Zebra Masai Scalamadre wallpaper featured in her childhood bedroom. Slightly kooky with a touch of exoticism, the print looks fabulous as a statement wallpaper in this Miles Redd designed powder room.

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Did you know that in addition to Wes Anderson movies we also love The Crown, La La Land and The Gilmore Girls for interior inspiration? Check them out and let us know your favorite in the comments below.