Slanted Roofs in a Minimal Apartment in Madrid

Located in the Spanish city of Madrid, this two-floor apartment was transformed into a refreshing home for a couple who enjoys exploring the world through constant travel. Together with their two kids, they live in this contemporary home that reflects their fondness for gorgeous architecture, art, and unique furniture.

On the exterior, the apartment features a modern structure with its slanted roof and open terrace. It sits on the top two floors of the apartment, and overlooks the busy streets of the city.

The top floor was turned into a beautiful living area. Here, the sitting room, the dining area and the kitchen are featured in an open plan layout, allowing the family to move around easily. The ceiling slopes down with character, and a door connects the interiors conveniently to the open terrace.

There is charm and warmth in the sitting room, complemented by the minimal white walls. Plenty of light seeps in to the room, thanks to the windows placed around the space. The room radiates with movement because of the ceiling structures. Initially this floor was used for storage, but owing to the renovation, the whole space has been opened to make more room for a functional lounge area. Next to the sofa, a traditional statue stands proudly, almost as if guarding the home.

Paired with the cross-sectional sofa, the natural elements of the rug and arm chairs offer color to the space. The pops of red and black geometric patterns provide a strong counterpoint to the bare white walls, creating a cozy atmosphere.

A set of round wooden coffee tables dominate the center of the sitting area. The different sizes of the tables allow for flexibility around the space, whether needing a place to put light snacks or magazines for entertaining.

Around the room, storage spaces were created using recessed shelving where the family’s collected paraphernalia can be displayed. It mimics the depth of the ceiling, adding more dimension to the living area.

Walk towards the dining area, and you’ll notice the playful way the light dances around the space, entering from different directions.

The dining table has a beautiful light finish, brightening up the room. The two-toned dining chairs are a nice touch, appearing like a gradient of colors across the dining table.

To make clever use of the space, oblique but vertical walls were built including small recessed nooks for books and extra storage.

By attaching the dining area to the walls, the designers were able to maximize floor space. The kitchen remains stark white, blending seamlessly with the white interiors.

White was used as the main color to connect the different rooms of the apartment and create unity between two floors.

It’s intriguing the way they use single colors to create a strong statement in minimal rooms. This bedroom features a yellow artwork that sits on top of the bath tub in this open plan bedroom. Because the bathtub is white, it blends inconspicuously with the walls.

The bedside table comes in a dark wooden finish, complementing the natural tones of the framed art above the bed. I really like the inset bathtub as well, which an interesting feature to the room.

On the lower floor, the lounge area is more private. Framed windows extend across the room, with a classic Victorian feel. Compared to the white floors of the top floor, new wooden floors are installed throughout the room to complement the traditional design elements seen in the ceiling trims.

The home office is conveniently located behind the lounge area, with a large wooden desk, made in a similar way to the dining table.

Incorporating art to your home adds character to otherwise bare walls. I like the collection of paintings in this room, as if narrating a story of adventure and travel.

The bathroom is clean and modern. The glass screen touches both the floor and the ceiling, lengthening the height of the bathroom.

From the terrace, you’ll see refreshing views of the sky and constant movement in the streets. It’s an ideal spot for hosting barbecues in the summer, with plenty of space for guests.

What makes a home irreplaceable is not only the comfort it brings, but the way it lets the home owners’ personality shine through its interiors. This home is a beautiful haven in the heart of Madrid, filled with stories of adventure told through art, furniture and design.

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Project: Alcala

Designer: Wespr de Meuron Romeo Architects & Abaton, Batavia

Photographer: Luis Asin