What’s Hot in Home Decor – Wooden You Like To Know?

These gorgeously painted wooden flowers are the handiwork of the lovely Anna Wiscombe, a London-based designer inspired by visits to the countryside. On her trips home to see her parents in Dorset, she loves to sit in the garden and uses the time to draw the flowers, plants and birds around her, converting her sketches into these designs.

From drawing board to wooden board, the designs are laser cut out of birch plywood, and lovingly painted in a warm collection of colors. Her home decor items include tall stemmed wooden flowers that work well grouped together in a vase, which is especially wonderful to bring a little warmth and softness so darker areas where potted plants don’t do well. She also has a selection of wall hangings and pieces of jewelry.

We got in touch with Wiscombe to ask her a little more about her designs, and how she likes to decorate her own home.

Anna Wiscombe talks to NONAGON.style about her wooden wares

Tell us about your background, and how you got into wood shapes.

After I completed my Fine Art degree I began working with wood a little by accident.  I just wanted a way to quickly make some 3-dimensional pieces I was playing around with at the time.  Once I’d bought some timber and started working with it more consistently, though, it all came really naturally and I’d built up a range of products quite quickly.

When I first started my business I cut all of the shapes myself. I still completely hand-make the wall birds, necklaces and ornamental pieces, but now my other jewelry and wooden flowers are laser cut.

Anna Wiscombe talks to NONAGON.style about her wooden wares

What is the process? Is the wood painted before it is cut?

All of the wood is painted after it’s cut.  When the pieces are cut they are still quite rough at the edges so they need to be sanded and finished before any of the paint work or delicate marks can be applied.

How does wood compare to working with other mediums to you?

Wood is the perfect medium for me as I’m definitely a ‘maker’ and love to create physical objects.  I do love working with paper and collage too but it’s always got to be something where I can cut something out and create that way!

Anna Wiscombe talks to NONAGON.style about her wooden wares

Where do you get your inspiration from?

The inspiration for my work can come from anywhere but it’s often influenced by elements of rural life.  When I want to produce new designs I take my sketchbook out to the fields or around my parents’ garden and draw directly from life, which I always find gets the best and most free results.

Anna Wiscombe talks to NONAGON.style about her wooden wares - Image courtesy Yeshen Venema Photography

How often do you release new designs and patterns?

I try to release something new each year but as my business and the demands of it grow I’ve found that to be hard.  I do finally have some new work coming in the new year though!

What do you like to do to relax?

I love going out to meet friends for a coffee or lunch or having a mooch around a market.  A walk in the countryside or the park is also a favorite way to relax and always gets me thinking of new ideas.

Anna Wiscombe talks to NONAGON.style about her wooden wares

What’s your personal home interior style?

I have quite a simple, folky style at home with lots of white walls and quirky objects dotted about.  I love mid-century furniture so I have a few lovely wooden pieces and a LOT of house plants to carry on the 70’s feel!

How do you decorate with your pieces at home?

I have a display of my wooden flowers in our hall and some wooden birds in our lounge as well but I don’t tend to display my own work at home all that much!

Anna Wiscombe talks to NONAGON.style about her wooden wares

When’s your next craft event?

My next craft event is the fantastic Renegade Craft Fair on 5th & 6th November.  It’s held at the Old Truman Brewery in East London and is a great event for contemporary craft with some wonderful makers showing their work.

Where can we get hold of your designs?

You can buy all of my designs through my own website. I also sell on Etsy and have lots of lovely brick and mortar stockists around the UK too.

Anna Wiscombe talks to NONAGON.style about her wooden wares

Wiscombe’s collection of Christmas themed decor is also available on her site, including a range of hanging tree decorations and mistletoe. I especially like the wooden wreath!

Mistletoe and Christmas wreath - Designer Anna Wiscombe talks to NONAGON.style about her wooden flower designs on NONAGON.style


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