Without Feeling Closed Off, This Open House Maintains Privacy From Nosy Neighbors

Slipped across the slopes of the landscape, the Baked By the Heat House is a sleek and withdrawn building in Ukraine, designed with privacy and function in mind. It’s a family home, a new build with the freedom to try new things.

The surrounding properties are a mix of tall developments with too many multi-story buildings, so to seek shade and respite from the height and cluster of this, the architects created something introverted, but unique.

The house is composed of three main blocks, but sinks into the descending hillside with one long roof. As the house unfolds from street level, the space widens and reaches a spacious living room that spills out into the garden and pool. Wood slats are built long one edge of the building, which provides shade and looks really striking from afar.

The home owner was quite content to embrace a radical design, to challenge the norms of what a typical house should be. While he wanted to create a peaceful home for his family, one of the major difficulties of the project was the dense building development surrounding the house.

The central axis of the house is the grand corridor, with a skylight inviting light into the home.

The living room is the family’s favorite space in the house, not only because it’s the best spot for the whole family to get together, but because of the way it opens out onto the summer terrace. It’s a contemporary and fresh room, with the deep wood tones playing nicely against the burnt orange of the sofa.

The terrace area has all the equipment necessary for barbecues and parties. These outdoor areas are the “summer rooms”, giving the illusion of being tucked within walls, but open enough to benefit from sunshine and air. Space for sunbathing, lounging and enjoying the outdoors are all mapped out in this open terrace and swimming pool area.

The final day of completing the project had scorching weather, lending the home the name Baked By the Heat. Summers in Ukraine can get pretty hot, which is why the house was designed to withstand different weather conditions, much like this house in Kuwait that also uses different garden areas and pathways to maintain a sense of family and privacy.

Along the far end of the pool, the wall seems to levitate off the ground. Instead of a fixed wall, which could be quite oppressive in some ways, the space frames the garden and surrounding green landscape.

Artificial hills were built in along the perimeter, and a range of plants were established to create harmony in the garden.

On either side of the house there are terraces that act as private gardens. The larger one is a space for the adults, while a smaller one to the other side of the house has been created for the owner’s children.

With its collection of terraces, patios and private areas this home is a space that keeps to itself; a citadel for summer fun.

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Project: Baked By the Heat

Design: Drozdov & Partners

Photos: Andrey Avdeenko