Barcelona Apartment Makes Bike Rack a Feature

A cycling enthusiast and design fanatic has his passions combined with this latest home renovation. In the trendy Eixample district of Barcelona, this apartment was once dark and outdated. The building is from 1890 and the property was highly partitioned and not really suitable for its new inhabitant.

Just peeping through the door you can already get a sense that the renovation has opened this home up into something brighter and more cheerful. The designers from CaSA explain “the aim was to create a very masculine yet sophisticated home, using a neutral palette and focusing on different textures.”

There was a major renovation undertaken, removing most of the partitions and putting in a lot of hidden structural reinforcements into the walls.

The Pedrali dining table in gold and black colors has a sophisticated finish, the leg of the table customized by Zaida Sabatés. Paired along with it are the stylish wishbone chairs, which give the dining area the laid back and design-savvy look.

The gold security system looks so chic against the black matte door. The white bedroom doors contrast nicely, and all the materials used work together in a simple palette including the warm wood floors and concrete planter with a healthy container of snake plants.

Three pipes work as a custom built bike rack for the home owner, Santi. Hidden behind it are large gray tiles, to protect the wall from scuffs and stains. The gray tiles follow their way to the kitchen too, creating one smooth continuous open plan area. Although the colors remain the same, the tiles actually get a little bit smaller, and this theme continues to the bathroom too.

It’s important to let your personality shine through in your home, so hanging the instruments and tools of your hobbies is a great way to make your interests a defining feature of your apartment. The bikes have a safe place to be stored, and become a living homage to the art of cycling.

The wide balcony windows let in floods of light, and a larger part of the terrace has been regained after previously being closed off functioning as a laundry area.

Now the living room can enjoy plenty of sunlight, sharing the open space with the dining table and kitchen area.

Much of the living room furniture is from Kettal, including this collection of coffee tables. Mixed and matched in this way they feel timeless and liven up the room with their range of styles and materials.

Plants bring the room to life! The terrazzo effect on the large concrete planter is a lovely touch added in by aforementioned artist Zaida Sabatés, who also produced the table legs.

Sleek black kitchen fittings and contrasting gray tiles reaffirm the apartment’s style credentials.

The contrasting yin yan of black and light gray appeals to feng shui disciples.

The bathroom features even smaller gray tiles compared to the kitchen. The shower uses even smaller tiles still. Overall a feeling of measured continuity prevails throughout the spaces. It’s interesting to note that previously the bathroom was a closed off galley kitchen, but now that the kitchen is integrated into an open plan design there is more freedom for bathroom layout.

A window into the bathroom is kept private with the inside mirror, and framed nicely with climbing ivy.

A window seat is created from a ledge previously used to hold the washing machine. Colorful cushions make it a lovely space to relax.

The bedrooms are accessed through the original double doors. I think they’re a really nice feature, and I’m pleased they left these in.

The bedrooms are bright and airy, with continuity of the natural oak floors from the other living areas.

Hanging lamps near the bed eliminate the need for too much bedside clutter. Furniture is simple and the floor to ceiling curtains create an ethereal light. The minimal look of the room is possible thanks to plenty of storage (not seen), and appeals to those with Scandinavian design aesthetics.

The home owner, Santi, was really happy with his new apartment and the impressive transformation of an old house in disrepair to a chic and stylish space that fits his personal tastes.

Project: Sant Antoni Apartment

Design: CaSA – Colombo and Serboli Architecture

Photos: Roberto Ruiz

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