Accent Doors Down the Corridors in Lisbon

Curves and colors. That’s what stands out most about this renovation project’s new look. Shifting the room sizes around created a completely different space; this new elongated room that opens up to different shapes and ideas.

The walls and rooms of the apartment have been completely redefined, splitting up the different rooms and joining others together. Now we can see this stunning and fascinating curved wall. An array of blue creates a rainbow of accented wall decor. Each panel is actually a door leading to other parts of the apartment.

Blue doors and marble floor in curved corridor kitchen

The apartment is in Lisbon, the largest city in Portugal and its capital. With an open mind, the French architect who owned this house came to Fala Atelier with absolute freedom to shift things around in order to find the best way of creating two bedrooms and a separated bathroom and toilet.

Before renovation picture with wall taken down

The building itself is unremarkable and the original layout had the bathroom benefitting from most natural light down one end. By relocating the shower and toilet to the central part of the house this long living room now picks up light from both the front and back.

Kitchen with marble floor (Portugal)

When you first walk in to the space you might not even notice the subtle curve, as the shape is quite gentle. But it generates a kind of tension and movement that a straight wall doesn’t have.

Blue doors and marble floor in curved corridor kitchen

On one end of the room we have the kitchen unit, the central part is a dining room featuring iconic Eames Shell chairs, and further on is a lounge area with a balcony.

Blue doors and marble floor in curved corridor kitchen

The doors are slightly elevated, which make them look more like pictures in an art space. There was also a practical reason for positioning the walls like this, as it allowed the designers to find the exact space in the center to put the bathrooms.

Blue doors and marble floor in curved corridor kitchen

The building itself is 100 years old, so it was quite demanding on the structural integrity to remove some of the central supports in the house. The wall that remains functions structurally as well as for that curved aesthetic.

Blue doors and marble floor in curved corridor living room

Marble is an affordable material in Portugal, and used against the white background walls creates a gorgeously intense contrast. As marble is so different from piece to piece it really does have personality. The rest of the walls and decor remains fairly neutral to balance against that. The furniture is light and unobtrusive, and the hints of blue textiles to go with the hand painted doors ties everything together.

Blue doors and marble floor in curved corridor kitchen

Given the unusual proportions of the room, the line is blurred between the functional use for each section.

Blue doors and marble floor in curved corridor kitchen

kitchen unit with extractor fan and shelves

Minimal style bedroom, clear and simple

Rather than the strong and lively marble pattern in the bedroom, a calmer ash plywood is used. Hints of marble do appear in the furniture, such as the side table and wardrobe frame. Overall the bedroom is simple and uncluttered, minimal in style.

Minimal bedroom with open wardrobe storage

Do you keep plants in the bedroom? In this room the potted plant lends some color and ambiance.

Minimal bedroom with open storage

Minimal wardrobe uncluttered and open storage

Clear and simple, living without clutter and only incorporating your favorite elements means always having things you like in the house.

Patio outdoor area with plants

The patio was covered in micro cement, but with its new access point through from the elongated living area the outdoors becomes an extension of the lounge and kitchen. Previously it reached to an exterior bathroom, which has now been enveloped into the bedroom space.

Sun setting in the evening, outdoor courtyard

Doors to the bathroom and toilet

The new interior curve of the Graça Apartment is subtle and strong, really giving the room a new lift. Bringing the bathroom elements into the center of the house has allowed it to open up the living room, with its special accent walls of handpainted blue panels. It’s now a living gallery!


Project: Graça Apartment

Design: Fala Atelier

Photos: Fernando Guerra