Bone Appétit!

Our furry friends bring a lot of joy to our lives, and they depend on us for all the love and care they need. Aside from the fun things like dressing them in cute bow ties and summer shirts, it’s important to make sure they are healthy and nourished. As we like to eat in pretty dinnerware, our pets deserve the same. There is a feel good factor associated to using exciting utensils, and pets also seem to have a similar affinity to their bowls. So let’s make their food experience even more fun!



Cubowl Dog Bowls on

These copper bowls will make sure your pet stays healthy and you don’t face that water bowl slime ever again.

Copper works well as a food container as its properties display something called the oligodynamic effect, which prevents bacteria from building up. So no more nasty layers of slime at the bottom of the bowl! Also, copper is an important part of your pet’s diet. So, this bowl makes sure you and your pet stay happy.

Cubowl Dog Bowls on


Bamboo Diner

Bamboo Dog Bowls on

Your taller pets might not be enjoying their meals as much if their bowls are not elevated. This bamboo diner from the Pet Lounge Studio is like their own little dining table and will blend in perfectly with your wooden furnishings. Its rubber feet make sure your floor doesn’t get scratched.

Bamboo Dog Bowls on



Gracie marble dog bowls on

Marble has made quite a comeback into our homes, and our pets deserve every bit of the posh indulgences like their human friends. These designer bowls by Kelly Wearstler are a part of her amazing pet collection. They are made of handcrafted marble and a portion of the proceeds goes to the Best Friends Animal Society.

Gracie marble dog bowls on


Ceramic Bowl

Ceramic Dog Bowls on

These sleek looking bowls by Benji and Moon are handcrafted and made with the best quality ceramic. Their minimalist look will fit in perfectly with any decor. They are a healthy alternative to plastic bowls and look beautiful.

Benji and Moon ceramic dog bowls on


Bone Appetit

Dog Bowls on

Isn’t it the cutest feeder on the planet? If you are a fashionista yourself, and love to spoil your pets with pretty things, this super adorable bone shaped bowl from Henri Bendel NY will make a great addition to their collection. The gold accenting adds a fashionable touch to it.


Bling Bowl

Dog Bowls on

If you like to bling-up your pet, you will love this one. This stunning bowl has crystals on all four sides and a leather top surface. It comes with ceramic bowls and will surely dazzle up your pet’s dining experience!


Azul Ceramic Bowls

Blue and white ceramic dog bowls on

This beautiful hand-painted set of bowls and treat jars looks stunning. If you love the blue and white porcelain ceramics, this will look like an extension of your own dinnerware.


Log Bowls

Log bowls dog bowls for your pets on

Our pets love their playtime in the park, so get them a piece of outside to bring home. These colorful log bowls are handmade from reclaimed trees and topped with acrylic paint and water based gloss finish. They are decorative and make an interesting feeder for your pet.

Colorful log dog bowls on




Waggo is popular for their amazing collection of pet products. This cute colorful set of bowls and a treat jar is made with high quality ceramic and looks absolutely stunning. They come in different sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your pet. They also come in chalkboard color to personalize it with your pet’s name.



So, which one do you like the most? We would like to know your pet’s opinion as well!