Brazilliant Pieces at Home

With all eyes on Rio this month, bright Brazilian patterns and designs have certainly caught our attention. There are prints out there based on the lush flora and fauna of the jungle, and ceramics that focus on Brazil’s nature and animal inhabitants. Be inspired by the colors and playful arrangements found in the surroundings (and interiors) of this vibrant country.

Wooden Walls

Wood wall 3D tiles, from Oca Brazil _ on

Tropical and wood wall 3D tiles, from Oca Brazil _ on

Brazil means wood. When Portuguese explorers first started traveling to that area, they found many native trees part of the brasilium family. After a while the whole place was known as the Land of the Brazil Tree, which has now been shortened down to Brazil. You’ll find many natural wood carvings and finishes in Brazilian home decoration. Oca-Brasil make these decorative pieces from teak wood. I like the striking 3D designs because they feel like breathing mosaics, the wood is fresher and lighter than ceramic and porcelain. It gives the wall a completely different and laid back party feel.


Lush Jungle Landscape

Mixed Tropical Leaves Wallpaper Brazil _ on source)

Urban Jungle Bloggers display plants and prints _ Brazil home decor on source)

Nearly two thirds of the Amazon rainforest lies in Brazil. If you’re looking to Brazil for home decor loveliness, opt for lush jungle and fresh foliage. There are many fabrics out there, wallpaper patterns and pieces of art that you can use to create this style. Don’t forget you can keep it bright and breezy by bringing in actual plants, too!


Critters and Creatures

Parrots and jungle blue and yellow chair, Brazil home decor _ on Design)

Brazil is home to a lot of cool animals from sloths to jaguarundis, and armadillos to capybaras. With so many incredible creatures and their different furs, skins and stripes there are a plethora of animal inspirations and wild patterns that have made their way into the home. Bonus if it’s a toucan wearing incredibly bling earrings.

Toucan cushion cover, Brazil home decor on NONAGON.stylePerky’s fabulous toucan is a nice way to brighten up the living room. Should you already have too many cushions (is that such a thing?) there is also the option of having the print on dishware, too. I love the colors of the bright birds, and there are a few others in the collection to get you squawking over your next home decor purchase.

Cumbuca Chic animal ceramics and Brazilian home decor _ on

Priscilla Ramos is the Brazilian designer behind Cumbuca Chic. Her animal ceramic planters are lovely to look at, and where else can you find a sloth planter? Fill them with succulents and build up your animal collection!

Words and Pictures

Emorio art on the walls, Brazilian home decor _ on

Mix things up a bit on your walls. These prints are from Brazilian brand Emorio, featuring beautiful birds and Portuguese slogans. The colors in the print are what drew me in, but I stayed for the texture detailing of the feathers. Just look at them!

Bossa Nova art print on society6 _ Brazil inspired home decor on

Samba around the bedroom as you put this up on the walls. I like this bossa nova art print on society6, reminding me of the relaxed fun feel of Rio’s beach parties. Can you spot the girl from Ipanema?

Carnival Colors

Brazilian home decor from Tucum brand working with indigenous artists _ home decor collection on

Colorful baskets and indigenous weaving from Tucum _ Brazil home design on

Tucum has a showcase of colors suitable for carnaval, including fashion, jewelry and our favorite: home decor. The brand focuses on indigenous designs and styles, and works with artists and artisans from Brazil using traditional techniques. The woven baskets are beautifully woven with patterns that pop.

Tiles and decorations from_ historiasdecasa _ flavia del pra _ Brazil home design on source)

Bright carnival colors are a fun statement choice, and Brazilian designer and ceramicist Flavia del Pra has created a series of tiles that hit the description on the nose. They are ready to brighten up your day, and they’d look colorful in the kitchen.

Limited Edition

Brazil inspired patterns from IKEA _ on

Lampshades with Brazil inspired patterns from IKEA _ on

Back in March IKEA launched its blink-and-you’ll-miss-it limited edition of Brazilian inspired home products, the TILLFÄLLE range. If you weren’t able to snap up these lampshades and fabrics, take inspiration and a glue gun to your next DIY project!

If you missed our rattan collection, check it out for more home inspiration. The lightweight tropical feel of rattan furniture would go really well with the Brazilliant color combos above.

Are you enjoying Brazilian prints and designs? Let us know what inspires you!