Classy Canines and Pampered Pooches

Thinking of taking your pup for some shopping?

Some major concerns of pet owners in the past have been that pet products were never visually appealing, but things have changed since. You can now easily find thoughtful and trendy products for your canine and feline friends. We have handpicked these 9 awesome products for a pampered pooch, keeping their comfort, style and well being in mind.

Hello Pets

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Look at this cutie! This Legowisko Play bed comes with a beautiful oak base and soft foam mattress. The tapered mattress corner is designed keeping in mind that your pets like to keep their favorite toys nearby. This play bed for your pet is not something you would have to tuck away when friends visit.

Hello Pets produces pet products that are trendy and have a decorative element to them. Their minimalist designs are gorgeous and would look great in any modern household. They mostly produce to order, to make sure the product quality is top notch. They pay attention to behaviors of pets to come up with interesting products and unique solutions.

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Citizen and Hound

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This is one handsome canine!

Your urban pup needs to be in vogue, and I am going gaga over these bandannas and matching leashes. Designed by Citizen and Hound, these three collections are inspired by the stylish neighborhoods of New York City. These adorable accessories will add some 5th Avenue like style to your home.

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So next time you throw a party, you know what your pup’s gonna wear!

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Citizen Hound celebrates the bond between the modern dog and their human best friend. They believe in creating stylish products for pets inspired by global trends. A percentage of their proceeds is donated to support local animal shelters.

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Design We Love

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Posh pooches need a posh bed! Aptly named Design We Love, it was created for the ultimate comfort and style of pets. All the products are handcrafted in Italy. The idea is to fill the void in the market where high end pet products are still not common or created with as much care and detail.

I love the sleek finish of these stunning beds. It will definitely make your pup feel like a king.

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Our cute little furry friends know how to express their love, but wouldn’t it be incredible if you could understand all their other moods? These mood stones will help you gain more insight on your canine friend’s feelings, so you could respond better. All you need to do is attach this cute little accessory to their collar and watch the color change as their moods change. Language will not be a barrier anymore!

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Gosh, these donut shaped beds look so comfortable! These super cozy beds are stuffed with high quality fibre that make the beds soft yet sturdy. These beds come in three different colors and sizes so you get the best fit for  your dog, and are also available for bespoke alterations. How cool is that!

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All I wish is that they start making these for humans too!

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Dog Threads

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Throwing a BBQ party and wondering what your pup’s gonna wear? These adorable shirts with gorgeous summer prints will surely make your pet the highlight of the party. These shirts are 100% cotton so you don’t have to worry about the hot weather.

Camp Cloon


This is probably the cutest pup on the planet and its teepee is gorgeous too. Summer is on and this teepee will add more fun to your pup’s play time. It is easy to set up and carry.

Camp Cloon’s mantra is to create high quality products for style conscious pets and pet-owners. They have range of items for your fashionable dog.



Caring for your dog entails much more than style. To ensure their well being, we need to pay attention to the products we use for their grooming. aTobiko products are made of organic ingredients and are hypo-allergenic. Their range of products are suitable to all breeds, age and size of dogs.

As we adopt a better lifestyle for ourselves, we need to make sure that we up our pets’ standards of living as well.

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Pet Play

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Pet Play knows what pet-owners are thinking! Their collection of pet beds now comes with matching cushions for the human friends. Isn’t that adorable? BFFs love matching stuff and this collection comes in many colors to fit your style.

Keeping in mind your lifestyle and modern homes, these comfy beds for your pet and matching cushions will add joy to your heart and style to your living room.

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Our canine friends have so many cool options to style up their lives. Which one did you like the most?

So when are you taking your pup shopping?