The Colorful Casa Robles Has Sunshine Windows and a Blue Backyard

We are delighted by this traditional neighborhood home restoration, with its simple functional spaces and colorful color palette. The house is part of a housing complex in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, built in the 1970s with eight family homes all constructed around a cul-de-sac. Now it’s owned by a young couple, who fell in love with the neighborhood’s welcoming and dynamic vibe.

Yellow frames for this house in Guadalajara

Along with their pets, the house is inhabited by Juan and Ruben, a manager and an architect who enjoy art, music and cooking. A focus of the restoration was to ensure the home kept the original architectural language of the building. While the layout was altered in many ways to create new rooms and turn the floor plan around, the character of the home remains the same, preserving or reusing many of the original materials. The yellow used for the steel windows and door frames certainly welcome in the sunshine!

Dining room and living room space

Inside the front room, is a combination of areas. A wall was brought down that initially contained a bedroom. The now open space gives the living room and dining room greater freedom of movement.

Dining room area in Guadalajara 70s family home restoration - home tour on

The rustic wooden dining table adds the right amount of boho chic for this home, used but with good bones – much like the house itself. The fun design elements of the room’s chairs provide a range of seating for relaxing, entertaining, reading, eating or working.

Bookshelves and desk area, Guadalajara home

What I like about the shapes of this room is the connectivity between each zone. The collection of art feels perfect for the space, and it’s vibrant without being stifling.

As the bathroom was moved to where the former kitchen was, a space opened up for a corridor towards the back patio, turning the service room into a kitchen. The newly organized layout is perfect not only for letting in more light to the central area of the house, but the corridor aids with the ventilation too. I also really enjoy seeing the geometric tiles laid out in a light-hearted and engaging pattern.

Bathroom vanity area

Just like the corridor, the bathroom tiles are fun and fresh. The mature pastel color palette feels earthy, with the greens and terracotta browns of the vegetable patch. This was intentional, with the furniture chosen to reflect on the building’s 70s heritage.

One of the most interesting parts of the project was being able to restore much of the original carpentry, steel work and tiles. It certainly helped keep the project within a small budget.

Shower and bathroom area light pastels and earth tones

I really like the feel of this bathroom, perhaps it’s because of the soft touches like the terracotta plant? The way it feels both crisp and clean without being over sterile? What do you think?

Blue walls for this Guadalajara family home restoration

The patio area is harmonious with the rest of the house. It was Juan Pablo’s favorite part of the house because of the way the light, color and temperature emphasize different parts of the space throughout the day.

Garden terrace with blue walls and pops of yellow

Simple patterns in the brickwork, original steel frames, and the range of colors all come together to create a calming space that fits well in its element. The blue walls are a bold feature, but blue is really such a versatile color when it comes to decorating.

Dog in yellow door frame, blue corridor - great color combo!

It’s also a great spot for the pets to stretch their legs!

Outside patio terrace with blue walls, pops of yellow, grounding terracotta

The laundry and service area is easily connected to the new kitchen, shifting the floor plan around for daily needs.

Outside patio area, terrace - blue walls with pops of yellow!

Kitchen looks out onto terrace - yellow and blue

Bedroom with green tones and mature pastel shades

Geometric shapes and a relaxed color palette keep the room from looking too austere, yet hones in on a minimalist design. Greenery is a great color, and works fabulously in the bedroom.

Home restoration - home tour on

Of course, being able to design and restore your own home can be a tricky process, but the owners absolutely love the space with its 70s vibe and creative flow. The patterns, colors and textures of the house are the backdrop for harmony, creating a satisfying and welcoming place to live.

Outside terrace area with blue walls - Casa Robles on

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Project: Casa Robles

Design: Juan Pablo Ochoa and Ruben Padilla

Contact: and

Photos: Ana Lorena Mendez