9 Home Decor Ideas for Cat Lovers

Kitty love is blissful! We know you wish you could bring home all the cats in the world, but there are so many other ways to add more kitties to your life. These funny, quirky and gorgeous home decor items will help spread your love for cats in every corner of your home.


Peeping cat clock from society 6, featured on NONAGON.style

This cute cat peeping out from the clock is such a cute decor idea. It represents every cat in the world, who denies you even the slightest bit of privacy. Celebrate your cat’s curiosity with this wall clock from society6!

Cushion Covers

Newspaper print funny cushion cover for cat lovers, featured on NONAGON.style

This newspaper text cushion by Our Name Is Mud will definitely crack-up most cat lovers. Yes, that’s what your feline is up to all day. Spread some cat humor around the house with this cute cushion, or check this other one out by Meow is Now.

This cat, almost hypnotized by the heart, is the cutest cat image ever. There are more where this came from. Check them out and add these to your living room to create the perfect cat-lover space.

cat love cushion covers, featured on NONAGON.style


Ceramic Jewelry Dish

cute lace print ceramic dishes with cat ears, featured on NONAGON.style

These jewelry dishes by Jasmine Blanc Boutique with cat ears are so pretty. I love the floral lace print on them, and the lovely pastel colors. They are perfect for your dresser or even home entryway to hold your keys and other small things around the house. The gold painted edges makes it extra special. They are handmade and are a gorgeous idea to show off your kitty love in style.



cat face on a ceramic mug, featured on NONAGON.style

This cute ceramic bowl by francesca’s is a decorative item, but I don’t see why you can’t have your morning coffee in it. A cute little smile in the front and the wagging tail behind will brighten up your mornings. I love how innocent yet mischievous it looks, just like a cat. You could have it as a collectible or use it as a regular kitchen item.


Soap Dispenser

cat shaped soap dispenser, featured on NONAGON.style

Chances are Mr (or Ms) Whiskers doesn’t leave you alone in the bathroom, but this soap dispenser by Mod Cloth is a must have for a cat lover’s collection. If you get bored of using it in the bathroom, you can easily remove the pump and add a hat or a small crown to cover the opening on top and use this as a decor item in any other room around the house.


Door Stopper

Cat paw shaped rubber door stopper, featured on NONAGON.style

Ouch! It might freak you out a little, but isn’t this door stopper by Mod Cloth a cute idea. Cats do try to go over and above every corner of the house, and chances are your kitty has tried sliding its feet under the doors before. I am however curious to see the reactions of a cat to this door stopper. Any cat video suggestions for that?

Cat paw shaped rubber door stopper, featured on NONAGON.style


Welcome Mat

Doormat with cats, featured on NONAGON.style

I am sure your friends and family are already aware of your cat love, so welcome them with this beautiful doormat by Collections Etc. I love this idea of the tails spelling out welcome. It is made of coir and has a plastic base. Your kitty will love rolling over and scratching it!

Mouse Pad

mouse pad shaped as a cat face, featured on NONAGON.style

Your kitty is probably already sitting on your computer keyboard, but this ironic mouse pad by feltplanet will definitely bring a smile to your face every time you sit down to work (or watch cat videos on YouTube). It is handmade from felt wool, and has an anti-slip sponge on the other side to keep it in place.

Night Lamp

Cat shaped night lamp, featured on NONAGON.style

Isn’t this adorable! This Narumi cat lamp is made of bone china and has a soothing light. It is perfect as a nightlight in the bedroom or to have a calm light illuminating a dull corner in the evenings. This cat lamp can be purchased via their website starting today.

Are you a cat lover? Which of these items did you love the most?