Breathtaking Views of the Valley from the Los Molles House

This beautiful modern house sits on top of a hill by the valley in Los Molles, Chile. Owned by young parents raising their first child, this holiday home serves as their regular getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The couple, a make up artist and a landscape ecologist, care deeply about the environment and found the location an ideal place to build their home.

Spectacular views can be seen from the house, from the entire span of the valley to the beautiful landscape of the neighboring hills.

Plenty of thought came into choosing the location, as they had to ensure that there were no protected species nearby. The terrain sat in between the valley and the beach, and building a two-story home became the perfect option to capture beautiful views of both the valley and the sea.

The home opens to plenty of open terraces, to take in as much of the view as possible. Inside, a combination of natural elements dominate the interiors. Wooden panels cover the walls and the floor in different shades to add a distinct dimension. There are exposed beams in the ceiling which give the space an inviting atmosphere.

Interior finishes were an important consideration for the couple. They wanted the materials to be as natural as possible, and opted for second hand items and recycled furniture. They even made some of their decor entirely on their own.

The living room perfectly encapsulates their philosophy, with an intricate macramé wall decor, and colorful furnishings on their seating. The area exudes a rustic bohemian vibe which complement the gorgeous views seen from the home.

The staircase is cleverly designed to allow light to pass through unobstructed. It remains consistent with the exposed beams in the ceiling, with the darker wooden shade as a nice touch.

The staircase slopes down from the ceiling, mimicking the surrounding area of the land. The designers wanted to create movement in the interiors that would reflect the terrain on the outside.

While the living area sits on a lower recessed level, the dining area and the kitchen are on an elevated platform.

The dining area extends out to an open porch, giving you breathtaking views of the valley. The retro Marais A chairs, in bright yellow, bring out the color and warmth of the pendant lights that hang above the dining table while the dining area provides a lovely contrast to the rattan chairs of the open porch. It’s family friendly, and calm and serene.

With the surrounding views, the open porch make for a lovely barbecue area where the family can spend quality time together.

It’s no wonder the family is pretty happy with this home. Although it was initially built to be a second home for when they needed time away from the city, they decided to settle here for a continuous eight months after the home was finished. Now, they regularly use the home during the weekends for some much needed rest and relaxation.

The open porch is a captivating area, easily one of the family’s favorite features of the home.

Wide windows surround the entire home, maintaining a constant connection with the outdoors.

The Los Molles house is a masterpiece, inside and out. With charming interiors and a modern structure, it is easy to spot its grandeur on top of the hill. The black facade is no accident either, allowing the home to blend in with the landscape as the night sets in.

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Project: Los Molles House

Designer: Thomas Löwenstein

Photography: Alejandro Galvez