This 1815 Home Is Still Being Lovingly Looked After

As celebrates its birthday this month, we are looking at some of the projects we first wrote about one year ago and seeing where they are now. One of these is the marvelous home tour of the historic Coit House, a restored home that holds a lot of value for the town of Buffalo, New York.

Under the care of Sue-Jolie Rioux and Tim Boylan, the Coit House has undergone further renovations over the last year. One of the biggest updates was that they moved their office space out of the home, giving them the chance to reclaim the living room. Here is the room before:

Coit House home tour on

Coit House Home Tour on

Sue-Jolie Rioux: What you last saw as the living room, is now the dining Room. We moved our offices out of the house and into a commercial space, so the once office space is now the living room. I need a bit of separation between church and state if you know what I mean.  

The new space maintains that bright and open warmth, as well as the original wall moldings. In re-purposing the space for the dining room, they have given a new flavor to the room, showing you just how versatile a house can be when you arrange furniture in different ways.

We are enjoying the house a great deal. Having utilized the dining space at a whole, filling it with a beautiful and rich wood dining table by Caracole, that measures 142″ long, and Biedermier inspired vintage dining charges by Pietro Constantini, we take advantage of the room to entertain. Large dinner parties have become a way of life. Taking a card out of the playlist of my forefathers, whose entertainment traditions were practically a career, I enjoy a full array of china and glass wear options to dress my tables while we entertain. Not necessarily formally dressing for all parties, but making sure it all has a family style entertainment aura every time. 

With the dining room now in the west parlor room, the living room was installed in the space where they previously kept their office. Here are the photos from before:

Now the cream and gold furniture has been reorganized and feels like a cozy space to relax.

The living room has become my joy; it is the first room I partake of after a long hard day’s work with its calming atmosphere where I greet my kitties, review new mail, find a quiet space in which to reflect and so on. My personal office is just off this room in the rear salon, as is a beautiful round table which doubles as our casual dining for the remainder of my family still at home, and a card table for family game nights. It’s quite a refreshing space. 

We have also started to revamp the kitchen. The once dark kitchen, with its dark rust color walls and ginger brown cabinetry and island, now has cobalt blue perimeter cabinets, with a cooler gray island and a warmer gray on the walls. We are currently having a quatrefoil marble added to the backsplash and thereafter, the old ubatuba granite will be replaced with a quartz that mimics a white marble. What a contrast from the dark and depressing look we found it in!

Meanwhile more work has taken place in the upstairs portion of the house, including the guest bedroom.

​The bedroom is called the Chicago Room. It required little work outside of decor and a fresh coat of paint, for the last owner had already put new windows in, and new flooring down. But the en suite is still under remodeling. It was an insert shower they installed and we are ripping it out and having a real shower installed with vintage marble tile. Still a work in progress.

The master bathroom also underwent change, making the decorations fit closer to those of an 1815 home. Two individual sinks were replaced with a large one, one large mirror for more light and two pendants either side.

We converted a period buffet to use as the vanity. Now this space lends itself with what the rest of this historical home has to offer. 

Many thanks to Tres Jolie Interiors for sending through an update. It’s great to see the historic Coit House still working as a living environment, with great interiors that work alongside a modern lifestyle.

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