Picking the Perfect Pink

From its golden age in the 18th century to being crowned 2016’s Pantone Color of the Year, pink as you know it has never been a color just for girls. There are Cadillacs, flamingos and sunset beams in gorgeous summery shades of pink. Don’t let Barbie have all the fun, share the love for this soft hued color as there are plenty of grown up pinks that make an irresistible addition to our wardrobes and home decor.

From delicious pastels to carefree charm, here are 6 ways to make your home blush with pink.

Think Pink in the Living Room

Pink sofas for the living room (on NONAGON.style)(image source)

With so many colors to choose from, we tend to play safe with our living room sofas. But why not add a little color and joy with a set of pink couches? Choose a soft pink shade, or a patterned couch like this one from Bemz to make your space feel lighter. The salmon hues bring in a special playfulness to the room that will make it worth the splurge.

Pink rug for the living room (on NONAGON.style)(image source)

It’s always easy to overlook our floor and keep it bare without realizing the big difference a rug can make to our living room. Placing a rug underneath the coffee table allows you to create distinction between the different parts of the room without having to change your furniture. You can frame the exact same shade of pink on the walls for a reflective effect. It reminds us of the beautiful afterglow of a sunset, calling a serene end to the day.

Hanging Pink Lamp (on NONAGON.style)(image source)

How about hanging a pink lamp to brighten up your living room? In this room the lampshade coupled with mid-century modern furniture and a few antiques gives a quirky nod to the 50’s. Pink accessories scattered here and there bring in a whimsical feel to the space. The lamp is a nice focal point that stands out against the plain walls.


Dressers and Drawers

Pink drawers featured on NONAGON.style(image source)

Pink cabinet featured on NONAGON.style(image source)

Always forgetting your keys? Repaint your old dressers and drawers by the door in eye-catching pink. They will make it easier to remember to pick up your keys before you head out the front door. Fresh greens will bring balance to the playful pink shade, and exude vibrancy.

Pink bedroom featured on NONAGON.style(image source)

Named after the Dutch flower pinken or pinks, a pink bedding set is the perfect ending to a tiring day. Not only is a light pink easy on the eyes, you’ll also sink into your bed in comfort and style.

Pink duvet set featured on NONAGON.style(image source)

A hint of pink works wonders as well. Oh Happy Day’s pink lined duvet set pops against dark interiors instantly making the room feel larger.

Pink curtains for the kids' rooms featured on NONAGON.style(image source)

While dark curtains are popular during the winter to keep us warm and cozy inside, it might be a good time to switch to a cheery pink curtain as the season of spring draws near. Draping magnificently from the ceiling, a pink curtain is the perfect shade for our resting princes and princesses making it ideal for the kids’ rooms, or the nursery.


Dining with Dianthus

Pink dining table featured on NONAGON.style(image source)

Jazz up your dining room with a burst of pink. Repainting old tables will give your furniture a new lease of life and your dining room a fresh new look.

Modern dining set featured on NONAGON.style(image source)

You don’t always have to keep your dining room furniture uniform. A single pink chair can transform your space and add interest to a monochrome palette. It works well with a modern dining set as the muted pink shade blends smoothly with the clean lines.

Modern wall art featured on NONAGON.style(image source)

If you can’t have the dining area by the window, breathe a breeze into those bare walls by putting up some rose quartz colored art. Marble Daydream by Art Club Concept incorporates an intriguing combination of marble and blush pink blocking.


Cherries in the Kitchen

Pink brick walls featured on NONAGON.style(image source)

Exposed brick walls have been on trend, with cafes and restaurants boasting an industrial and cozy vibe. While traditional red brick walls can be a little too warm and white walls too bright, pink brick walls strike the perfect balance keeping the space fresh and light. The wall’s charming contrast to the dark cupboards makes your kitchen an inviting area in your home.

Accessories go a long way if you’re not ready for a repaint just yet. Grow your kitchenware collection by adding tinted cups or pots. You’ll be whipping up your favorite dish in high spirits ready for those dinner parties with friends.

Tinted pink cups featured on NONAGON.style(image source)

Pink kitchenware featured on NONAGON.style(image source)


Amaranth and Rubber Ducks

Pink bathroom featured on NONAGON.style(image source)

Pink bathroom featured on NONAGON.style(image source)

Give your bathroom a refresh by adding pink tiles or painting a section of the wall. Lively amaranth pink walls add energy to your morning routine and help kick start the day. Two-toned bathrooms are also a great way to keep the interiors trendy, offsetting deep gray walls and patterned floors.

Pink bathtub featured on NONAGON.style(image source)

Whether you’re a monochrome fanatic or prefer to let the colors run wild in your home, there are plenty of gorgeous shades and hues that can really bring a room together. Check out some of our other color series collections; from warm greens to brilliant blues. And as always if you’re thinking of decorating your home and have been inspired by our article, let us know in the comments below.

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