Who’s Behind the Bright New Lights on the Block?

Lighting has huge impact on your mood, which is why it’s important to choose lighting that suits the atmosphere. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks of new lighting designers whose collections can add plenty of interest and intrigue to your space.

Read on for the brightest new lights of this year.


Curious about the UFO shaped lamp? Renowned automobile brand Mercedes-Benz collaborated with Italian lighting manufacturer Artemide to design this stunning futuristic pendant lamp. Powered by LED lights, this Ameluna pendant lamp is reminiscent of a hovering spacecraft. As if its aesthetic features weren’t enough, Ameluna also comes with a dedicated app that can memorize your preferred lighting experience, making it adaptable with a quick swipe of your finger.


Alphabet of Light

Packing the delight of retro neon lighting with forward thinking technology, Artemide’s Alphabet of Light boasts adaptability and style. It does away with the obsolete gas-filled fluorescent tubes and uses efficient LEDs that mimic the look. The Alphabet of Light is a modular lighting system that lets you create your own letters using two linear and curved segments of different lengths, giving a new definition to writing on the walls.



Canadian artist Elisabeth Picard is known for her architectural creations inspired by technology and the natural environment. With Formations, her recent collaboration with the Beloeil Cultural Center, she aimed to show the connection between the mineralogical heritage of Mount Saint-Hilaire and the community’s growth through their sports and cultural activities. She even invited the Cercle des Fermières, women’s quilting group, to take part in assembling colored zip-ties that make up Formations. What resulted was a collection of stunning pieces that represent a fusion of the artist’s vision and the identity of the community.


Orbit Series

On the minimal side of things, design studio Workstead came up with the Orbit light series inspired by the celestial. It features a large brass dish opposite the light bulb mimicking the constantly revolving planets. The series is complete with a table lamp, a pendant lamp, and even a sconce for bedtime reading.


Popup Lighting

Popup Lighting comes straight of out a storybook. Inspired by popup books as a child, designer Chen Bikovski created Popup Lighting to bring back childlike wonder to our interiors. True enough, Popup Lighting’s subtle light is perfect for illuminating the children’s room, or for those of us who like a little magic at home.


ALED Privacy-Plus Technology

Australian technology company LightGlass recently won the award for their patented ALED Privacy-Plus Technology. It works as a self-illuminating glass that offers privacy depending on your preference. With a push of a button, the ALED technology might just be what you need to modernize your space. From windows to doors, we’re excited to see more homes with this ground-breaking innovation. We think this could be particularly useful for flexible privacy and light in those en suite bathrooms that have no walls between the bedroom.



Keeping our home clean and healthy is always a priority, so it’s great to find lighting that can rise to dual tasks. Enter Bellaria, an innovative air purifier that doubles up as table lamp. Found to reduce 85% of bacterial charge, Bellaria can also change color when measuring the quality of air in its environment. Made from a Murano glass structure, Bellaria is softer and prettier than your regular air purifier.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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