A Delicate Renovation of Classic Kensington Apartment

On the first floor of this grand building in London’s affluent South Kensington neighborhood, this contemporary apartment was restored to its former beauty after a delicate renovation. Owned by a renowned London restaurateur and entrepreneur, the gentleman wanted to give the apartment a modern update in order to put it up for rental.

Because the last refurbishment took place in the late 1970s, decay had already set in the interiors. The designers took on the challenge of transforming the apartment into a fresh new haven while still maintaining its classic architectural features.

The designers began the renovation process by stripping out years of layers of paint and wallpaper. After restoring the walls and ensuring the ceilings were as good as new, the floors were also repaired and soundproofed to offer additional privacy to the apartment.

The result is a gorgeous home that looks out to London’s great garden squares, well-loved by the owner.

The high ceilings allow plenty of light to illuminate the living room, emphasizing the white interiors. The ambiance is light and welcoming complemented by the neutral color scheme. The metal coffee table and ottoman are lovely accents to the gray and black seating.

Sitting in between the fireplace and the sofa, the table provides a strong focal point to balance the minimal furniture. We love the use of modern furniture that gives the apartment a young atmosphere, offering a contrast to the traditional fireplace.

The black and white abstract art can be seen hanging above the intricately designed fireplace, bringing out the contemporary furniture elements.

With a sleek black dining set and gray walls, the dining room gives off a more modern feel when compared with the living room. The lighting frames both ends of the dining room wonderfully, allowing more breathing space to the dining area.

You’ll notice that throughout the apartment, light fixtures were installed on the walls that shine light to the ceilings and walls equally. Because the estate rules were strict, only the dining room could feature contemporary Y-shaped chandeliers that hang delicately from the ceiling.

By the windows, a drinks bar and coffee machine is cleverly hidden with the bespoke shelving system. The set up hides visual clutter, yet keeps the room fully functional.

The hallways are stark white, with a pop of blue geometrical art from artist Gemma Cameron provides a strong point of interest.

The master bedroom exudes tranquility. Blending with its gray walls, the buttoned headboard gives the room an elegant touch. The monochromatic color palette works well to enlarge the room, making it feel spacious. Like the living room, there are also pops of gold in the bedside lamp.

The bespoke wardrobes have lighting built-in. Great for spotting those pairs of socks, the design is modern and refreshing.

The main family bathroom exudes a calming vibe. Featuring angular sinks and clean lines, the elements all fit to make the most out of the limited space.

The bathtub is a striking feature in the room. Located by the window bay, a central ceiling shower head is mounted and framed by a suspended rail adding drama to the area. The frosted windows are cleverly designed to retain privacy yet allow light to flood the room.

The apartment is a peaceful retreat in the city, combining modern with classic. Overlooking gorgeous views and housing beautifully designed elements such as the fireplace, this home is a great place to find solace in with the family.

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Project: Lexham Apartment in Kensington

Designer: SHED

Photography: James Medraft