PETA Launches Vegan Homeware Awards

More of us are becoming aware of our environmental footprint, and how often our pleasure is at the expense of other living creatures. It’s with this in mind that vegan awareness group and animal rights organization PETA launched its Vegan Homeware Awards 2017. The warmth and softness of down without the feathers, or a sheepskin rug without the sheepskin? Totally possible! Check out these award-winning cruelty free alternatives for a happy home.

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Vegan Leather Home Office Chair

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With its brass base for glamour and easy wipe down black fabric, the MADE office chair looks stylish. It’s upholstered in a polyurethane material which is also known as PU leather, but is completely leather (and animal) free.


Best Faux-Sheepskin Rug

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Swedish furniture giant IKEA has perfected its Tejn faux-sheepskin rug that is both soft and cozy, and highly versatile. Sure it’s a rug, that would look great piled up in a textured way, but it doesn’t only have to be used on the floor! Draped over chairs, or as a wall hanging, it’s just as fluffy as real sheepskin but without the sheep.


Vegan Cowhide Sofa

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Rockett St George have this gorgeously styled two-seater sofa with mid-century modern vibes in cowhide print pattern. Black and white print works well paired with minimal furnishings. But what about mixing it with some bright colors and patterns to really create some warmth and vibrancy in the living room?


Innovation Award

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Hailing from Slovakia, designer Šimon Kern has used an intriguing combination of recycled leaves and bio resin to make the Beleaf Chair prototype. Made from nature, the idea is once it gets worn out, you can leave it under the tree and it will naturally disintegrate right back into the ground from whence it came. It’s a genius biodegradable furniture solution, like using paper or bamboo for everyday items that have been dominated by plastic for too long.


Down-Free Duvet

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As with the meat industry, it can be easy to detach ourselves from the processes behind animal materials. While there are cruelty free ways to gather feathers from naturally molting birds, more often than not the commercial practice is quite painful and traumatizing for the ducks and geese involved. Good alternatives include the anti-allergy and machine-washable Luxury Man-Made Feels Like Down Duvet from Debenhams.


Lynx Faux-Fur Throw

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Animal print is one of those trends that never really goes out of style, but that’s not so great for our furry friends. Heal’s soft and snuggly faux fur throw mimics the look and feel of lynx fur without the price tag, or the, you know, lynx hunting.


Soy Candles

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Pacifica Beauty has a huge range of soy-based candles in a myriad of scents and smells. A beeswax-free alternative to lighting your home.


Best Feather-Free Cushion

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The Square Tassel Cushion from Monsoon is woven with shimmering copper and a luxurious blue. From pastels and periwinkle to ultramine, blue makes a great accompanying color to many others; paired with coppers or pinged against pink. The Monsoon version does pretty without a plumage.


Silk Free Sheets

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With a 300 thread count, these cotton bedsheets are soft enough without silk. Habitat‘s Washed Sateen sheets and duvet set are available in soft pink or stone gray, or looking good in a mixed medley of both.

Wool Free Cozy Blanket

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Pom pom blankets are a delight! Sure they make for a cute Instagram photo, but more importantly they also provide a cozy bedspread. This Oliver Bonas wool-free blanket is hand woven in India from acrylic and cotton fibers. The pink and gray pairs well with those sateen sheets from Habitat, too.

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