Design Tips You Might Have Missed This Month: July Edition

It’s been a busy month here at From a whirlwind tour of the globe via some of the world’s most beautiful houses (Shenzhen, Geneva and Sacramento were particular favorites), to chit chatting it up with some of the interior design world’s brightest upcoming stars (cc: Humberto da Mata, Calla Haynes and Marco Zagaria), our team has gone above and beyond to bring you the very best in home design. Along the way we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to help you turn your house into a home you truly love. In case you missed them, here’s a handy round up for your reading pleasure.

Clear Kitchen Clutter with Open Shelves

Open kitchen shelving is a stylish and easy way to clear the countertop clutter.(image source)

In our latest Spotted on Instagram series the focus was all on open shelves. And for good reason too … or should that be reasons. Not only are open shelves a great way to clear countertop clutter, but they are also great for helping a space look bright and open. What’s more, when compared to cabinets, open shelves are way cheaper, making them a great option for when you want to revamp your kitchen on a budget! Pro tip – style your shelves with an assortment of accessories in addition to pretty dishware for an easy injection of personality and character.

Go Bold with a Statement Rug

Go bold with a statement rug. This one has been re-purposed from old fashion textiles.(image source)

In the words of Vincent Lim of Lim + Lu, “don’t be afraid to be bold”. Here at, we’re big believers in the power of a rug as an accent piece that can elevate a space to the realm of #interiorgoals. Given that quality rugs cost a pretty penny anyway, it makes sense to go all in on one that really shines. To make a statement rug work in a small space, Vincent recommends giving it “sufficient breathing space”. In layman’s terms, don’t crowd it with too many other bold furniture pieces.

Create the Perception of Space with an Open Plan Layout

Scandinavian-inspired minimalist open plan living, kitchen and dining area.(image source)

We’ve already waxed lyrical about the benefits of an open plan living arrangement, but in our tours of the Friendly House and Sophia House this month you can begin to see just how open plan living can enhance both the aesthetics and atmosphere of a small space. In both homes, modest square mileage is given a sneaky boost with an open plan layout which instantly makes the living areas more expansive and roomy. The takeaway? When designing a small space consider thinking beyond paint and furnishings. Turn your attention to the structure of the rooms for a truly transformative, if ambitious, renovation.

Display Your Personality With Unconventional Wall ‘Art’

Unconventional bike rack wall art display.(image source)

Sometimes traditional art isn’t for everyone. There we said it. Shock horror! While it’s important to know that it’s absolutely fine to not ‘get’ art, we would encourage you to think outside of the box before calling it a day with the task of adorning your walls. In this Barcelona apartment, a cycling enthusiast eschews the classic landscape for something closer to his heart – a bike rack. Alternatively, make like Gaila González and experiment with an assorted mirror gallery wall; “they are like pieces of art that constantly change depending on where you look,” Gaila explains. The point here is don’t feel like you have to hang a pretty painting on your living room wall. Instead, fill the space with something you truly love – the more eccentric the better.

Make Your Home Stylish and Pet-Friendly with Multi-Functional Furniture

Minimalist gray living room with bright yellow accents. (image source)

Pet owners rejoice! Contrary to popular belief it is actually possible to live in a home that is both pet-friendly and suave – just take a look at this minimalist Vietnamese apartment, or La Carmina’s mid-century abode. The trick is to choose multi-functional home decor items that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. In La Carmina’s home for example, her cat’s scratching post and cat chaise look like flowing modern sculptures, whilst the play cube doubles as a coffee table. Stuck for where to find such home decor gems? Stay tuned to in the coming months as we have an exclusive interview with an up and coming Hong Kong-based cat furniture designer in the works.

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