Design Tips You Might Have Missed This Month: August Edition

Can you believe another month has come and gone already? Before summer officially draws to a close the team have been making the most of holiday dreaming and outdoor DIY projects. Along the way we have, as always, imparted shining pearls of design wisdom to help you turn your house into a home you can truly be proud of. Here’s a round up of the very best tips and tricks in case you missed them!

Balance Dark Colors with Neutrals to Create a Bright and Open Space

Midnight blue hexagonal bathroom tiles with star detail |

When it comes to decorating, most of us are afraid of using dark colors for fear of making a room feel oppressive and much smaller than it actually is. When researching our latest Spotted on Instagram article however, Ashley Maddox gave us photographic proof that dark colors can actually be used to create the opposite effect. By mixing midnight blue hexagonal tiles with a neutral minimalist white, the designer manages to create a bright and open bathroom which feels both clean and eclectic at the same time.

Experiment with Bold Patterns and Colors Via ‘Temporary’ Furnishings

Minimalist bedroom with bold accessories in sculptural Spanish home |

Tempted to try out a bright yellow shade or that coveted (and daring) flamingo-themed print but worried you may live to regret it a couple of months down the line? A pro tip we picked up from the interior design of this stunning sculptural Spanish home is to incorporate more daring colors and patterns into a timeless minimalist backdrop via ‘temporary furnishings’ such as cushionstowels and seating. This way, you can easily switch up the look if you change your mind next season.

Refresh a Room By Simply Changing Up a Few Small Details

Crystal coast living room details by Hunter designer Alex Haggar |

Often when we think about changing up our homes, the tendency is to think big: painting a door, installing new cabinetry or even knocking down a wall or two. However, as designer Alex Haggar reminds us, refreshing a room can be as simple as changing just a few key items:

“Little things like re-decorating a bookcase or replacing your wall art can make a huge difference. And of course, replacing an old ceiling fan with one that better matches your decor or style is always an option!”

Utilize Levels in an Open Plan Space to Create Privacy

Sunken living room in open plan space |

Open plan living is without a doubt the buzzword du jour in the world of interiors right now. Visually, we love the idea of a home made up of a series of fluid open spaces. Practically however, the pragmatist in us can’t help but think how difficult it would be to contain noises and smells, privacy and clutter, in such a layout. Whilst touring this Italian villa, the solution to this predicament became clear: the use of different levels and heights to create zones and private areas. Take this living room area for example. By sinking the space, the designers created a cozy and warm room that still shares the open plan concept. A win-win all round if you ask us.

Use a Colorful Christmas Wreath as Year-Round Wall Art

Dark walls and vibrant berry wreath in Parisian apartment |

We’ve spoken a lot about incorporating art into the home. The addition of a painting you love or a dramatic sculpture can instantly elevate an interior whilst injecting personality and fun into a space. If you’re struggling to find the right piece for your home, keep in mind that ‘art’ doesn’t have to be limited to a pretty watercolor. Art can be anything you want it to be, even a festive holiday wreath. In the Parisian Maison Noire for instance, a vibrant, berry-adorned decorative ring (a mainstay of every Rosko design project) works to lift the dark walls and add an interesting design detail to the walls.

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