Design Your Home with Port+Quarter: Part 1

The more I look at all the beautifully decorated homes that are out there in the world, the more I desire to know the who, how and why behind every design. So when I found these amazing homes styled by Port + Quarter, I had to get in touch and find out all about them. After a chat with their co-founder Kyla, and understanding the P+Q design process and philosophy, I am convinced that they are not just another interior design company, but curators of thoughtful spaces.

Port + Quarter is an interior design and decor company based in Vancouver, Canada. They specialize in custom spaces, tailored for specific needs of their clients. They believe in creating personalized spaces for the people who dwell in them, and design what they can truly call home. The P+Q philosophy suggests that every person holds the key to their perfect home, and they want to help them define it, and then translate that vision into reality. The love and dedication they put into every project shines through the homes they have designed and decorated.

Over this three part series, we will be looking at six homes decorated by the P+Q team. So here is the full disclosure with every little detail that went into designing them, and suggestions from Kyla on how to use them as inspiration for your home.

1.Heritage Home

Dining room, stained glass window and bench seating, Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

Design Dream

A young couple with two kids bought this beautiful heritage home. The family of four needed a cozy house with a lot of space to play around and some personal areas for their favorite activities. With two young children in the house, they didn’t want anything too precious, but also wanted a place where they could entertain guests.

Before P+Q 

It was pretty much a blank slate. The basic structure was perfect, but needed styling and new furniture.
Heritage home light family dining room, Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

The wife, who is a professional chef, loves to host friends and family at home. She wanted a long table, so many people could fit in, but a warm intimate space so everyone could enjoy delicious food in a casual setting.

Brown bottles and dining room furnishings, Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

The table was custom-made by Port & Quarter team in collaboration with Union Wood Co. It looks perfect in the setting. It’s not too wide, which makes it an intimate dining area. The benches were designed by the P+Q team as well, and upholstered in a local shop. The couple already owned the beautiful painting on the wall.

Family living room with bookshelves, coffee table and art on the walls, Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

The husband, who is a music lover and record collector wanted a place dedicated to his collection and to enjoy music. The living room that originally had closed spaces was opened up. This left a small corner, which was originally a small room, cut off from the main living area.

Bookshelves Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

The small cut off space looked perfect to convert into a music room for the entire family to enjoy together. The vintage mid-century chair was passed down to the couple from a family member. P+Q’s upholsterer brought it back to life. Soft color rugs and neutral tones were added to make it a cozy music corner. The blue pouf and the antlers on the wall make it a vintage looking yet fun space.

About the Design Inspiration

P+Q believes in creating a home that truly reflects the people who live there. The main focus remains the requirements of the homeowners and how to bring out the best in the spaces around them. In this case one of the homeowners’ design inspiration resonated with one of the P+Q co-founders, which made the process even easier.

Moment of Truth

P+Q encourages people to stay away from home during the final installations so they can come back to a fully styled space. In this case, when the owners reached home, they couldn’t hold back their excitement and immediately contacted P+Q to tell them how much they love it.

Kyla says that these are the moments that make all the hard work and effort worthwhile.

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Tips for you by P+Q

Kyla suggests that mid-century furniture looks classy in heritage homes and is fairly easy to find. Just keep a lookout in local flea markets, online vintage stores or any hand-me-downs from family. Upholstering will give it new life. Also, don’t be scared to mix and match colors and patterns to make the space more fun and exciting.

2. Olympic Village Condo
Gray tones and chevron cushion, Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

Design Dream

A young couple purchased this condo and wanted it to be their perfect urban home. They wanted it to resonate their city life while being a haven in the hustle bustle of the everyday.

Before Renovation, gray walls in Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

Before P+Q

The condo was a blank slate when P+Q was commissioned for the renovation and facelift. It was a basic structure with original cabinetry and flooring, which made the space look dark and dull. The floors needed to be replaced as well. There were a lot of fixes required.

Before renovation bathroomPort + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

Before renovation kitchen Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

The old tiles were changed to white subway tiles in both kitchen and bathroom. This made the spaces look brighter and more open. The cabinetry got a lacquered finish, and new white quartz countertops were added in both kitchen and bathroom.

After renovation black and white monochrome bathroom Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

Monochrome kitchen, contemporary fittings in Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

Olympic Village Condo kitchen, sink and cabinets Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

The floor was changed throughout and a new coat of paint on the walls gave the condo a fresh look. New and modern lighting was also added in all rooms.

Cozy nook, monochrome fittings with art wall, Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

A bench was custom-made that can act as a day bed, a reading nook, or pulled out into a single bed for any guests staying over. Custom curtains were designed to give this area some privacy. It looks so cozy with all the pictures on the wall.

Bedroom Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

The bedroom is a perfect place to relax in after a hectic day. The warm colors are soothing and the bed looks super comfy.

Monochrome dining table Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

Black and white is a theme throughout the house that gives it a modern city home look.

About the Design Inspiration

The couple loves to stay active and they are sportsoriented people. They wanted the condo to reflect their playful personalities, but also wanted it to have a fresh and grown-up look. P+Q added bold tones, functional pieces and a lot of sports related pictures on the walls to make the condo consistent with the owners’ personal style.

Olympic village chevron gray living room area, Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

Moment of Truth

The couple loved their new home and sent this heartwarming message to the P+Q team:

“A year ago Kyla and her team at Port + Quarter took our little condo in Olympic Village and turned it into a home. From the initial consultation, through the design/contractor phase and to the staging (most exciting part), their ability to “deliver” as promised was exceptional. This is usually the outcome when you mix talent and hard work as they do. This post is long overdue as Chelsea and I have been here for a while, but we are saying thank-you to all that helped us along the way. Without a doubt the best investment to assist you in tackling a renovation. This was impossible without you. Thank you.”

Monochrome art wall, silver deer head, Port + Quarter Tips and Tricks styling guide on

Tips for you by P+Q

Kyla from P+Q suggests that the key to creating a timeless look is going back to basics. Classic materials and colors should be used that look good in every season and match the new things you might bring in later. White, deep blue and gray colors were used to create this look. It is also important to consider what you can reuse and re-purpose in the space instead of just knocking everything down.


So, do you think these inspiring designs and suggestions can help you create your own space?

Update: Want to read more from P+Q? Check out part two of our series!

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