A Viennese Waltz Around a Contemporary Anti-Consumerist Abode

Surely the very notion of anti-consumerism is inconsistent – paradoxical even – to the materialistic indulgence of a chic interior aesthetic? Not according to this contemporary Viennese abode, which stands as a testament to how sustainable interior design can actually work for modern family living.

When deciding how to rehabilitate their classic Viennese apartment, the owners wanted a design in keeping with their anti-consumerist life philosophy. Cue the use of vintage furniture throughout the space. The goal was to source as much vintage as possible whilst steering clear of the trendy classics and high-prices now synonymous with the hipster boutiques. Almost all mobile furniture pieces, such as the slate-gray velvet button detail sofas and ornate iron wood burner, were bought online from common internet platforms. To ensure an overall modern aesthetic, the owners framed the vintage pieces within an uncomplicated minimalist backdrop complete with white walls and earthy accents.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for the owners lay in consolidating the infrastructure of the space. In addition to updating the heating, sanitary and electrical components of the apartment, renovation also called for a new contemporary floor plan. The result was a combined open plan kitchen and living area that has served to create a bright and airy space perfect for facilitating greater household interaction. We love the use of floor to ceiling drapes as an optional room divider. Texturally, the fluidity of the fabric adds an interesting design detail to the restored parquet floors and solid surfaces. The repeated use of these drapes throughout the apartment adds a unifying motif to the home to create a sense of cohesion and flow.

Moving into the kitchen and dining area, the free standing cooking island (custom-designed to look like a workbench) aligned centrally with the dining table provides a natural focal point for the room. The use of hanging pendant lights help to draw attention to the high ceilings, accentuating the sense of space. Meanwhile, the cardboard lampshades allow for a whimsical nod to the sustainable theme.

One of the most striking details of this apartment is the balance of a prevailing utilitarian sensibility with pretty ornamental design features. From the delicate black rattan armchair and woven basket bed frame in the bedroom, to the decorative fine stone tiles (original to the apartment) in the hallway and bathroom, these more elaborate touches elevate the decidedly Scandinavian design aesthetic whilst their muted colors allow the details to stay true to the intrinsic precepts of simplicity.

In the bathroom, unexpected shapes, textured decorations and billowing drapes soften the white washed walls, banishing any trace of sterility. In particular, the layered wall that houses the showerhead and taps is a great way to visually break up an otherwise boring monotone surface.

Think minimalist living and kid-friendly interior design are mutually exclusive? Not necessarily. Here, a conspicuous absence of child-themed furnishings in favor of a handful of playful accents make for one of the more stylish kids bedrooms we’ve seen on the site. Instead of shelves and cupboards, a wooden cart and vintage suitcase offer an interesting take on the age-old problem of storage solution. What’s more, the neutral design of the room as a whole will allow the owners to easily transition the space as their children grow older.

All in all, as a statement for sustainability in interior design, this sleek apartment does much to dispel myths of wooden tree houses or foliage heavy design details. What is more impressive, however, is its redefinition of the use of vintage furniture pieces in interior design. In this apartment, vintage no longer has to stand in opposition to modernity. Instead, the owners have successfully managed to find a way for one to complement the other in a design aesthetic that is as refreshing as their anti-consumerist life philosophy.

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Project: Apartment E&E

Design: destilat

Photos: Monika Nguyen