Refreshing Floral Makeover for Upcycled Chair

We love this DIY project that sees an old chair take on a whole new lease of life!

Angela Weyers is a craft enthusiast from London who relishes the creative challenge of finding a new purpose for those items that might otherwise be thrown away. Her only rule is that what she makes must be aesthetically pleasing, and not just upcycled into something else for the sake of re-using it.

I went to upholstery and soft furnishing classes in the early 1990’s, really it was so that I could put my two babies into the creche and have a break from them! I loved it and went for several years. More recently I have found myself, as an empty nester, with a lot more time on my hands, and have thrown myself back into my passion for making things.  

At the moment I am exploring my renewed passion for all sorts of crafts. I adore sewing soft furnishings; I recently learned to crochet and am now an addict, I intend to have a go at rag-rugging and also mosaic. My latest crush is making items out of colorful Harris Tweed (I buy bundles of off-cuts from a lady on the Isle of Lewis). 

This project started off with a Lloyd Loom chair that Weyers bought 20 years ago. Although she had reupholstered the seat and painted the chair at the time of purchase, it had given way to a little wear and tear over the years.

Pulling the seat off was the first step to giving the chair a new look.

I pulled all the coverings off the seat and used the sheep’s wool that insulates my Gousto meal deliveries. (I’m constantly thinking of ways to use that wool rather than throw it away!)

The fun bit was picking the fabric, opting for a refreshing floral pattern.

I then picked out a piece of fabric from an old Jane Churchill sample book that I bought from eBay. It wasn’t quite big enough so I sewed on some extra fabric from my stash. It doesn’t even show luckily! I then used the skills and tools from my upholstery classes to attach the covering tightly over the seat.

I chose an Annie Sloan Chalk paint, in Provence color, to paint the actual chair. It just needed a good go over with a stiff brush to shake all the dust and debris out before painting a couple of coats on.

The finished chair now provides the perfect corner for an afternoon of crochet. It’s tucked in a cozy spot in the sewing room, upcycled and ready for anything. We asked Weyers about her project, and of course, to tell us more about how she likes to design her home.

My personal home interior design style is all about creating the feeling that I want from a specific room, especially with the use of color and texture. For example, I want my kitchen, (which is definitely the heart of my home and where my family and friends congregate the most) to be warm and cheerful. So I have painted the walls in Farrow and Ball’s Churlish Green which is a mid-depth warm, yellowy green. I have put a velvet sofa with some bright, exciting cushions in there too, to encourage people to stay and chat. I would never be called a minimalist – white walls, hard lines and a lack of objects is NOT my style. I love the old interiors of English and French stately homes with numerous rugs, cushions, trimmings on everything and lots of color. Just call me a slightly restrained maximalist!

Chair makeover on

Project: Upcycled Lloyd Loom Chair Makeover

Design: Angela Weyers

Photos: Angela Weyers

*This interview has been edited for formatting, clarity and length.

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