Do You Macramé or Knot?

Many of our home tours feature art and inspiration ideas for your house and apartment. One of the fun styles that has been popping up a lot in home interior trends is the super eye-catching knotted wall hanging. Yep, macramé is having a revival!

Macrame DIY from Green-Bird, on (image source)

Macramé is the art of knotting. It’s a way of weaving material together without a loom, frame, or knitting needles. There was a big fad for macramé art hangings, clothes and jewelry in the 70s, and it’s fun to see over the last couple of years these tangles and tassels making a sweet comeback. Pair with pastel hued walls and a potted plant for ultimate styling.

Ranran Design collection of large macrame art wall hangings on

Ranran Design make large scale contemporary macramé pieces. They’re bold and intricate, and definitely eye-catching. I love the large scale designs, they are great for filling space on bare walls. The darker piece on the right is using denim strips for its post-modern gothic.

Lark and Arrow macrame wall hangings on

The intricate designs from Lark and Arrow are made to order. They use driftwood for the support wood, giving you boho chic in a jiffy.

Home Vibes Macrame bunting on

Step aside and take a moment to examine macramé in different uses. As well as being a statement headboard piece, enjoy this length of macramé bunting from Home Vibes.

California Dreaming macrame plant hangers - on

Berlin-based macramé studio California Dreaming has a lot of plant hangers in different colors and styles. Pots come separately, mind.

Dharma Door's natural indigo jute macrame, on

I love the big and fluffy oversized tassels in this jute wall hanging made by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh. The blue parts are colored from indigo dye.

NAMCA studio wall art macrame hangings on NONAGONstyle

NAMCA Studios make bold and beautifully colored macramé art hangings with cotton rope. The colors are still earthy and calm, for a bohemian look to the room.

A Beautiful Mess - art hanging macrame on

Hacksaw at the ready! Turn to A Beautiful Mess for this stunning copper popping infused macramé DIY. The cord is large, making it easy to create statement knots easy to achieve.

Zimbabwe Baskets from the Estate of things - on

While not strictly macramé, I couldn’t leave these out and they do involve some weaving! These artisan handwoven baskets from the Estate of Things completely caught my eye. They look stunning as wall art. The patterns are diverse and work just as well in clusters as pieces on their own.


We Are Scout wool wall hanging on

For a softer styling, you can use wool fibres! The DIY from We Are Scout shows a quick and simple way to make your own with two bits of dowel and some fluffy wool roving.

As well as the myriad of knots and styles that go toward the art wall hangings, there are macramé carpets, blankets, pot hangers, and of course hammocks – the medium is clearly a versatile way to make textiles.

Have you already had a go at making macramé for your home? We’d love to see!