Brazilian Twins Design Garden Module That Makes Plant Decor Easy and Stylish

Twin sisters Luisa and Lilian Parrado from Brazil have designed this geometric wall set that holds potted plants. “Since we were little, my sister and I have always been attracted to the creative world, especially about inventing and building any kind of thing,” says Luisa. The architect duo set out with the task to make something easy and flexible for growing plants, and in their quest they designed the Garden Module.

The sisters’ design won a bronze medal at the 2017 European Product Design Awards earlier this year, ticking all the right boxes on form, function and innovation.

Luisa and Lilian Parrado designed these Garden Modules - interview on

Each module unit is a geometric shape, which can create striking patterns along a bare wall. The modules are made from steel tubes, but rather than being welded together they are strung with a polypropylene cord to make them more flexible, ideal for quick setup as well as packing and transporting them easily.

Each module contains adjustable concrete shelves to fit into the geometric triangles whatever their orientation.

Luisa and Lilian Parrado designed these Garden Modules - interview on

What inspired you to create the Garden Modules?

Parrado: We started this project looking for a resolution to an increasing desire for vertical gardens. Having worked some time with landscape design we noticed that the market had a variety of green wall systems, but we thought it would be great to have an option that could join a beautiful design and simple installation, so that everyone could have it and put it together in their own way.

The final shape of the Garden Module was a result of the structure method we were trying to achieve. Since the beginning of the process, our intention was to make an unconventional and more rational structure where the tubes were not welded but strung together with a polypropylene string, resulting in a flexible composition, aesthetically and structurally speaking. After many studies and attempts we achieved this geometric self structured frame that had a design that fitted perfectly in this idea and made this concept possible.

What are the challenges you’ve encountered along the way? 

We had many challenges during its development, such as finding the right materials and shapes for each function. For example, the bases were initially made of wood but after several prototypes we realized that concrete had better attributes for solving resistance and strength issues. The steel tubes also had to go through a very specific process due to their reduced diameter, to protect them from rusting.

What’s your personal style in home design? 

We have always been attracted to a simple and clean design style that truly reflects what is functional, pleasant and comfortable for its user. We believe that architecture itself is the factor that most determines the quality of a space, and the internal elements should work complementing it.

The modules are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, so you could also put up a wall of plants in the bedroom. If you’re not one with a green thumb, take a look through these hydroponic planters and see which one entices you.

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Project: Garden Modules

Design: Luisa and Lilian Parrado

Photos: BrunaHosti

*This interview has been edited for clarity and length.