9 Eco Friendly Home Accessories that Help Save the Environment

9 Eco Friendly Home Accessories that Help Save the Environment

Did you take part in Earth Hour 2017?

Every year, the World Wildlife Fund hosts a global movement to advocate for environmental protection. If you switched off your electricity at home for Earth Hour, you were part of a whopping number of 187 countries and territories who all joined together to offer that one full hour to protect the planet. Great news is, we can all continue to do our part at home and stay heroic for the environment.

Here, we’ve rounded up 9 eco-friendly home accessories bursting onto the market that help save the environment.


Say goodbye to energy-draining radiators and opt for this Egloo heater instead. Powered by candles made with natural materials, the Egloo heater uses terracotta to store up heat and gradually releases it. Even after the candles blow out, the Egloo can still warm the surrounding area, helping you cut down on electricity use.


One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is by adding more greens to your space. We’ve already come up with a list of our favorite hydroponic planters, but we couldn’t let this one pass. Herbert is a hydroponic vertical farm that lets you grow fresh, organic food right in the comfort of your own home all year round. Instead of soil, it uses biodegradable sponges to nurture plant seeds, and a built-in LED light to give your plants all the nourishment they need. You can grow up to 15 plants at the same time which means plenty of salad for the entire family.


Speaking of plants, Capra Designs’ Eco Resin Vases are must haves for the environmentally conscious. Instead of buying a new pot, opt for these artistic vases made with excess water-based resin that are greener for the environment. Normally, producing resin pots gives way to plenty of excess resin that end up being thrown out as waste. Carpa Designs took a brave step with their latest eco products to help protect the environment.

Need a cup of joe in the morning before anything else? Like you, there are plenty of coffee lovers who seek that extra boost of energy before they begin the day. But if we’re all using a single-pod coffee machine, that also means there are far too many of those plastic disposable coffee pods going into the trash can. Waycap Ez lets you do your part to save the planet and have your coffee at the same time. Compatible with most Nespresso systems, Waycap Ez is a refillable coffee capsule that you can reuse as many times as you want.


Whether you’re trying to stay healthy or you’ve been a long-term veggie fanatic, keeping vegetables fresh at home can prove to be a challenge. It’s easy to end up tucking your veggies in the fridge only to throw them out soggy and moldy when they’ve been forgotten about for too long. Enter VeggiDome, a container that helps keep your vegetable fresh for 4 days or more without refrigeration. It’s a wonderful addition to your kitchen counter top, reminding you and your family to eat healthily. More importantly, VeggiDome is reusable so you won’t have to use wasteful plastic bags to store your fresh greens.


We all love a little home revamp every once in a while, from adding new shelves to improving your home office, but it can get costly to buy new furniture and toss out the older stuff. The Mashu Project is a minimal, do-it-yourself, plywood product that lets you create your own furniture. From bookshelf towers to a new desk, you won’t need professional help to build your dream furniture using the Mashu. Made with eco friendly material, you can customize the Mashu and reuse it anytime.



We’re all too familiar with dumping the banana peels or layers of onion skin after a major cooking session, and it’s becoming increasingly important to keep our domestic waste segregated in different containers. With the Zera food recycler, you won’t be guilty of sending leftovers to the landfills because it automatically turns food waste into fertilizer for your garden.


Inspired by the cycle of leaves falling from trees, Simon Kern had the brilliant idea of creating the Beleaf chair. Made entirely with recycled leaves and bio-resin, the leaves are molded into a steel skeleton to produce the shape. Although the Beleaf chair is currently in its prototype stage, there’s enough reason to keep our eyes open for when it hits the market.


There are plenty of ways to recycle newspapers but designer WooJai Lee came up with the most innovative way yet. Lee put together his Paper Bricks project that uses recycled paper to create furniture for our homes. They’re sturdy yet have a soft textile feel when touched. If you want to find out more, head on over to our interview with WooJai Lee.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know your favorite environment saving tips in the comments below.

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