Etsy Finds for Valentine’s Day

It’s the season of love, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching. Whether you prefer to spend the evening snuggled up on the sofa or indulging in a candle lit dinner for two, we have a host of our fave Etsy Finds for Feb 14th.

1. Tic-Tac-To You

Don’t play games with others’ hearts, that’s not fun. Instead play board games. Whether puzzles, quizzes or tic tac toe you won’t be bored as you spend quality time exclusively with your partner, and that is fun.

Valentine's Day Tic Tac Toe from Vulgaris Materia (Etsy Finds on

Valentine's Day Tic Tac Toe from Vulgaris Materia (Etsy Finds on

We like these tic tac toe boards from Vulgaris Materia so you can serve up your favorite sweets and treats, or a healthy alternative if that’s how you play.

Keep each other in check with a good game of chess. Abe Ruiz Design makes these chessboards featuring city maps of Chicago, Minneapolis and New York.


2. Handmade Happiness

If your favorite way to show that you care is by cooking something up, there are plenty of excellent Etsy Finds for bakeware and meal times.

Cupid's Arrow - Etsy Finds

Will Cupid’s arrow strike? This tea towel from Kitch Studios seems to provide the ammo.

Tea for Two - Etsy Finds

Tea for two has never been sweeter with these hand cast pewter strainers by Beehive Handmade.

Heart nesting bowls - Etsy Finds

Serve up your treats in these adorable nesting heart bowls by Wisconsin based JD Wolfe Pottery.


3. Snuggle Time

The daffodils may be starting to peep out but it’s not summer yet – it’s definitely cuddle weather.

Cuddle Weather - PCB Home on

Write your own custom text with cursive script from PCB Home and curl up!


4. Hey, Good Lookin’

How often do you take photos and then forget about them? Rummage through your photo albums on your phone, your computer, or dig out some of those Polaroids stashed away. It’s time to let them breathe – think about how you’d like to display the photos of the happy moments with those you love.

Etsy Finds on

For smiles around the clock, what about this photo frame clock assemblage from HOMELOO.

Photo frame and plant hanger - Etsy Finds on

Bouquets are beautiful but they don’t last – maybe you could opt for a photo and plant holder for your beau like this one from Kirralee and Co made from recycled wood.


5. Breakfast in Bed

Make lazy mornings even lazier by barely leaving the bed. But how do you bring the table to you? Find some good sturdy breakfast trays and you’ll never have that conundrum again.

Vintage rattan and bamboo breakfast tray - Etsy Finds on

They don’t make them like this anymore. What a beautiful and functional tray is this vintage rattan number for sale from Little Dog Vintage. There’s even space to carry in the morning paper.

Etsy Finds - walnut tray with leather straps

You can have your breakfast tray customized, particularly these walnut colored ones with a leather strap from Host and Toast Studio.


6. La La Lovebirds

Be Live Arts combine quilled paper and acrylic paint to create some pretty art, like this Lovebirds piece. Get yours custom made in time for you and your love bird this Valentine’s Day.

Porcelain love birds on - Etsy Finds

Birds of a feather stick together, just like these two little porcelain lovebirds from Honeycomb Studio.

Whatever you have planned for Valentine’s Day, we hope it’s a good one. If you like this Etsy Finds collection, why not check out some of our other best of Etsy series or leave a comment below to tell us what you’ll be doing for Valentine’s Day.