Etsy Finds to Keep Your Resolutions

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? We’re only two weeks in… have you already started finding them hard to keep? Whether you’re trying to drink more water this year, or ramp up your exercise regime, we have a great selection of our favorite Etsy Finds for this January. You can keep your resolutions!

1. Start the New Year on the right page

Are you keeping your New Year Resolutions?

Despite the increasing dependence on my Google Cal, it’s always comforting for me to have a physical calendar to glance at. These ones from Caitlin Hansen Studio are my Best of Etsy pick, as I love the designs and patterns for each month. So pretty I’m already wondering what I can use the paper for once the months are over, they’d certainly look great framed and might just work as the backdrop for some DIY greeting cards.


2. Eat healthily

Blue ceramic fruit bowl - Etsy Finds on

You are trying to eat more healthily? Make it even easier with a fruit bowl – keep it stacked up with apples, oranges, pears, or even those more exotic ones if you’re that way inclined. Just remember to reach for the fruit and not the candy cupboard.


3. Keep motivated and surge forward

Strive for progress not perfection

Strive for progress, not perfection, and you shall achieve! Pick one of Sam’s Simple Decor motivational quotes to help you power through when you need your own personal cheerleader.


4. Picking up that new hobby

January flowering cactus embroidery hoop design by Sarah K Benning

Did you make that bold statement that you will try new things, and develop new hobbies? I don’t know about you but I think sewing and embroidery is definitely a hobby worthy of adopting. It can help you with mending your own items and creating new ones. Make a start with this gorgeous pattern by Sarah K Benning. Her designs are limited release, providing the PDF for a new embroidery pattern each month. So snap it up and get stitching!


5. Improving punctuality

Red vintage mechanical alarm clock to help you with those early mornings starts

Getting to where you need to be on time need not be a struggle. We love the range of vintage alarm clocks you can find on Etsy, but if you’re looking towards the future maybe you need an alarm clock that can get that first cup of joe ready to go?


6. Get organized

Vinyl record dividers alphabetical

Trying not to let things end up in disarray? If you want to find a good way to keep your shelves organized allow me to draw your attention to these alphabetical dividers so you have at least somewhere to start.


7. Keep tidy

NONAGON style Delirium Decor crochet knitted bags for storage tree planter basket

Delirium Decor make a range of different crocheted bags, boxes and sacks to hide things away. It’s easier to have a tidy room with these darlings dotted around.


8. Stay focused

Folding murphy table: Get things done! Keep your resolutions this year!

Sometimes it’s hard to clear a space to sit down and work. So with this folding murphy table by Juniper Woodshop, you can create a new space. Pull up the table and get on with it. No more excuses. Customizable height and size for the perfect table.


9. Read more books

Artori Design metal bookends - don't let reading weigh you down!

Don’t let the task daunt you! If you’re trying to get into the habit of reading more books, you have picked a great resolution. It’s easy to download a good read on your phone or Kindle, but just as easy to grab a paperback at your local library, bookshop or borrow one from a friend. As those books pile up we like these metal bookends by Artori Design.


10. Plan ahead

Stay organized! New Year's resolutions on

Great preparation and good planning make for success. We like this wire grid memo board by Metalya, which would be perfect for piecing together your central command center.


11. Save up that cash!

Arks and Animals piggy (or is that whaley?) banks

Are you saving up for your next renovation? A little getaway, or for a special treat? Take a note from this young saver and check out these well made wooden piggy banks shaped as different animals by Arks and Animals.


12. Make sure you have a good breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

The most important meal of the day! Start your morning with a good breakfast, if you don’t already the now is a good time to start. Carve out a few minutes of your busy morning to fuel up your body so you can tackle the day ahead. We like this vintage corn flake box from Barcelona Deco Lab, so snap it up before it’s gone!


13. Breathing clearly

Zana black and white silk screen print planters

If one of your New Year resolutions is to spend more time thinking clearly, and breathing good thoughts, get yourself a potted plant. They help to make an area calmer, clean the air, and they’re gorgeous! Sometimes they smell pretty good too. We like the prints and patterns on these Zana Products silk screen plant holders.


14. Exercising more

Custom art printed yoga mats

Number one on most resolution lists is that promise that this year they will exercise more! A great place to start is at home, and we like these Eka Yogi Life yoga mats. They’re pretty enough that you won’t want to roll them away. Start with just a few different yoga poses a day and you’ll soon build your way up to becoming a yoga aficionado.


15. Drink more water

Vintage carafe with diamond print

Another gorgeous vintage find is this diamond pattern carafe from HeyHiGoods. When you’re trying to consume more water day to day, make it easier to do so by keeping a carafe or a water bottle to hand.

We hope some of these will help you with keeping your resolutions! Let us know what your resolutions are and how they’re going so far in the comments below.