Get Creative With Concrete

Around the world, construction and infrastructure is a sign of our human development. Often it’s inescapable. Whether stumbling upon a crumbling well blissfully forgotten in the countryside, or during a promenade along the majestic Great Wall of China, I am always in awe of the human ability to grow and adapt to our planet.

Most recently, standing in the middle of the busy city streets among skyscrapers reaching to the heavens, I was struck by the flexibility and creativity that comes into play with a block of concrete.

Malleable, pourable, adaptable, it’s a flexible material and can be used in a range of surprising ways! My roundup today features a home decor selection made from concrete, or matching that gray aesthetic to interesting effect.


Clock by dconstruct

Concrete wall clock by dconstruct, on

While you could imagine a piece of concrete to weigh a lot, this clock is lightweight. It features copper leaf detailing, which is simple and charming. It is a functional piece of art to adorn your wall. As it features no busy numbers on the clock face, it keeps you in meditative calm as each hour passes.


Side Table and Stool by Trunk

Volcanic stone side tables with wooden lid by TRUNK, on

The rich gray texture of concrete mimics the look of this volcanic stone side table. Using stone and wood mixed materials, it is a humble and elegant piece of furniture. Put it beside your couch or in the corner with a vase, either way the solid shape will make the room more zen. For those with concrete flooring, it will look just like an offshoot from the ground and blend in perfectly.

Volcanic stone stools with wooden lid, on

The hollow trunk can be used to stow away small items. The lid is a perfect contrast and balances against the strong rugged base. You could easily add a flat round cushion on top and use it as a stool.


Coasters by aftcra

Concrete coasters with bronze finish by aftcra, on

These handcrafted coasters will pair perfectly with your glassware. The copper painted edging adds a delicate touch. Sitting pretty at your home bar, they will add even more class to your glass of fine wine.

Concrete coasters with bronze trim by afcra, on


Wine Coolers by Into Concrete

Into Concrete wine coolers on


Using the cool properties of concrete, these wine coolers can keep your bottles at the perfect temperature as you enjoy time with friends. The diamond shapes are unique, and the flat edges make them easy to stack on their side; combine different colors and build them into your own wine rack.


Cabinet by Delatour Design Lab

Concrete cabinet with mirror and doors, on

This primitive-meets-modern cabinet is made out of soft concrete. It is ideal for a home with minimal and industrial design. The mirror on top has a built in backlight, making it a multipurpose piece of furniture. The front of the cabinet has sliding doors to stash away your belongings.


Planters by Vako Design

Cuboid cement plant holders on

Soft green planters, rigid concrete and light timber frames make great visuals. These zen planters will look lovely both indoors and out. If you want streamlined chic, this is it. For something fresh and different, pot the most ornate plants and let them flourish and overflow outside the cuboids.


Smash Lamp by Ubikubi

Ubikubi smash DIY concrete lamp on

Here’s a unique take on DIY. This concrete and cork lamp arrives in a pack, so you have the fun of assembling it yourself. Playfully they also send you a rock!

Smash your lamp, DIY concrete lighting on

The rock is for smashing, so you can style the lamp your way. Choose where to let out the holes and areas of light. The lamp can be suspended from the ceiling to give your room an industrial makeover.


Penholders by Triple Living

Pencil and penholder, made from concrete on

Keep your desk clutter free with these soft concrete pen and stationery organizers. There are two levels of storage within the containers.

Tiny city concrete pencil organizer on

The Tiny City range also features products in the shape of tiny homes, the fact that they are made out of concrete is a cute touch.


Magazine Organizer by Lyon Beton

Concrete magazine rack organizer, by LYON BETON on

I love the idea of this magazine holder and its comical take on the file icon on our computers. Transforming the digital into a physical dimension is like reversing the order of things. The concrete finish makes it look more alive. It is a message that the paper medium is still a firm favorite in our world, even thought it seems we are moving towards digital so rapidly.

Concrete magazine rack organizer by LYON BETON on

Gorgeous in any setting, place it in your reading corner, your living room, or even your home office for a quick access to your favorite magazines.


Have you found ways to incorporate concrete into your home? What other materials do you think make the room unique? Get in touch!