Going Geometric

Go gaga with geometric shapes, there are so many options available. While shapes have always been a popular choice, we’ve noticed a boom in geometric designs used over the last few years in our interiors and textiles. Maybe it’s because of the growth in 3D printing, as we become interested in the structures and forms that build our world. We’ve put together a roundup of some of our fave home items from triangles to dodecagons that can be easily picked up as a treat for yourself, or would make a great gift!

Elizabeth Benotti ceramic planters in triangle pyramid shape, on NONAGON.style

These triangular hanging planters by Elizabeth Benotti are delightful.  They are hand-made ceramics, so each one is unique and made to order. They are best for small plants, such as succulents and cacti. There is no drainage hole at the bottom, so to keep the soil from becoming over-saturated it’s best to use a foundational layer of gravel underneath where excess water can sit.

Grimm Toys magnetic shape blocks, on NONAGON.style

Simple and colorful, these wooden shapes can be rearranged into different patterns and pictures. The shapes by Grimm Toys are magnetized and come in a tin box so you already have a canvas for your imagination. Wouldn’t advise giving it to young children who still like to put things in their mouth, but maybe block building games will be the next trend of stress busting like adult coloring books?

Water bottles by francfranc in dodecahedron geometric shapes, on NONAGON.style

With picnic season on its way, we thought these twelve-sided tea bottles were the perfect solution for on-the-go iced tea. Don’t you think they look elegant? They will certainly make a gorgeous addition to the picnic spread laid out in the park. There is a built in strainer – but it’s not made of fine mesh, so you might want to reserve your loose tea leaves for another outing. Available from franfranc.

Angular alchemy, jewelry box in geometric shape series on NONAGON.style

Angular Alchemy make a range of delicate and elegant glass boxes with copper foil frames. The designs are thoughtfully handmade and exquisitely beautiful. They would be a standout piece of art to have on display on their own, but they are designed for use and could contain a range of things from jewelry to cotton buds.

Plates and dinnerware from Nordstrom, on NONAGON.style

Circular shapes have reigned in our kitchens for a long time, but as more variety is being introduced to our tableware these Nordstrom appetizer plates and nesting bowls really stand out. The colorful range are a great way to change things up at your dinner table. I’m already thinking about what to serve!

Hexagon jewelry hanger, on NONAGON.style

How do you hang your long necklaces and bangles? Instead of letting the chains and cords get tangled in a box, it’s a great idea to put them on display where you can find them easily and see what will match your outfit at a glance. This wall mounted jewelry stand from Urban Outfitters is pretty, with just enough hooks and knobs for hanging.

Chopping boards from Copenhagenm, on NONAGON.style

Don’t be such a square! Loving these pentagonal chopping boards that remind me of little houses. Collect a few and make a little row of houses for your next Instagram baking bonanza. The boards are made from oak, and there are different lengths available from the Ferm Living store.

Geometric pattern trays, on NONAGON.style

A stunning set of tray and table platters by Flavia del Pra for Gan are sure to please the eye. The handmade collection features beautiful shapes and patterns for mix and match style. They look fantastic, and think just how arty they will be with a bowl of strawberries and your latest baked creation – you’ll be ready to up the Instagram game.


Which is your favorite shape? Do you shop by shapes?