A New Entrance for a New Home

Charmed by the beauty of Texas, this couple moved from Kansas City seeking a home that was modern and sustainable but that could also showcase many of the local materials available, while providing a comfy space to enjoy the natural surroundings.

This house underwent a huge renovation, shifting the flow and direction of the home, with a new entry added and a landscaped front garden to match. The living area and dining room were completely remodeled to open up to the views, as well as the kitchen undergoing a modernization overhaul. To help this family settle into their new town, an extension wing was also added to the back so that the owners can watch the sun go down and enjoy the peaceful grazing of the white-tailed deer from their screened porch.

Clark Richardson home tour on NONAGON.style - Austin home

The Goldenwood Residence now has a fresh start, with its new front porch and landscaped yard. The views and greenery of outdoors were important, and it was a central requirement of the home owners to refine the home’s layout to make optimal use of the windows to connect closely to nature. The shape and direction of the home was altered slightly to shift and re-orient the spaces to enjoy the groves and trees nearby.

Big wood doors open entryway - Clark Richardson home tour on NONAGON.style

I love the big wide door at this entryway, with its darker pecan wood stain and windows. The deep ornate console that greets you as you walk in is excellent in this spot, with lots of warmth and texture. Meanwhile the white oak floors at the entrance are a sign of the style you will find in the rest of the house. The aesthetic is that Texan country feel, using materials you would expect to see in this area but with a modern look.

Goldenwood home tour - before image of fireplace and entertainment area

In the living room area this large fireplace took up a big corner of the room. Although there were plenty of windows, the room remained a bit drab.

Before photos of Goldenwood Residence - long windows and small door entry

Where there were previously tall windows in the home, they have been replaced with new custom stained wood French doors. Once the primary entrance point to the home, the flow has now been reorganized. This room is an area for entertaining, with space for a dining table and sofa.

Living room remodeled in this Texan farmhouse home tour

The fireplace has been relocated and shrinks down to become more demure in a limestone finish. One of the major difficulties in the project was in overcoming some of the existing construction and finishes, and matching it with newer custom built parts to achieve a consistent aesthetic.

Living room and entertainment area in this Austin home renovation - (on NONAGON.style)

Overall the room lets in more light, and also benefits from the ventilation and extension of the doors leading out to a patio, and to the views of the parks and landscape beyond.

Kitchen renovation, plenty of open space and large island table

The kitchen has been given a fresh start, with new appliances and cabinetry. Once again that oak wood floor pervades, giving good grounding to the sequencing of the rooms. I particularly like the wide stone sink!

Kitchen features large sink and gorgeous hardwood floors (on NONAGON.style)

Passageway features simple ledge and opens to master bedroom

While there are still two bedrooms on the upper levels, a corridor has been created to link the new master bedroom wing to the main part of the house.

Master bedroom in Austin home, with an extension out to back porch

The bedroom takes advantage of the views into an existing grove of oak trees, where previously the house had not focused on this viewpoint.

Master bedroom with gable wood roof, hardwood floor (home tour on NONAGON.style)

The ceiling is stunningly high! It creates a beautiful backdrop.

Master bedroom leads to bathroom (home tour on NONAGON.style)

Rich textures from hardwood in this Austin master bedroom (home tour on NONAGON.style)

This photo shows the way the bedroom is also arranged to take advantage of the morning views, with its doors straight out to the porch.

Clark Richardson architects added this back passageway in home renovation and extension (on NONAGON.style)

The house has been altered to create a different flow, with different entrances and escapes to the surrounding views. It feels like a welcoming and well lit space, with plenty of Texan charm. A perfect place with a new wing, plenty of windows and a wonderful way to start a new chapter.


Project: Goldenwood Residence

Design: Clark Richardson Architects

Photos: Paul Finkel at Pison Design