Don’t Be Green with Envy!

Pantone recently revealed their color palettes for 2017 and fall 2016, and there is one thing in common – the color green!

While Greenery, Kale and Lush Meadow are three very distinct shades, they do convey the message that we are going to see a lot of warm green tones in both fashion and interiors over the coming year. Also, with the northern hemisphere slowly drifting into the winter months, this cozy color scheme will be embraced and adopted instantly.

To give you a head start on this upcoming color trend, here are some ideas on how you can incorporate cozy green tones in your home decor.


Green door at home entryway, featured on source)

Since the color green represents growth and harmony, painting your front door green will make your home more warm and welcoming. It is a simple and low cost way to add this color to your decor. Also, if your home lacks green spaces and you don’t have a green thumb, this could be an easy way to add shades of green to your decor.

Green door at home entryway, featured on source)



Green accent wall, featured on source)

Don’t go crazy painting it all green inside. Just choose one accent wall that has a good source of light nearby, and it will visually add a whole lot of coziness to your home. This color also represents rejuvenation and nurturing, making it a good choice for your bedroom and your kids’ room as well.

Green accent wall, featured on source)

Green wall, featured on source)



Green bedding, featured on source)

If you are not looking to repaint your home right now, here is an easy fix. Green bedding or an emerald duvet cover will add that lush vitality to your room and keep you comfy at the same time. This solution also works well if you do not want to commit to this shade on a more permanent level.

Green bedding, featured on source)



Green sideboard, featured on source)

We always have a mix of furniture at home. Some pieces that are meant to stay forever (almost), and other small items that you can move around and always change over the years. Sideboards and cupboards fall into the latter category. If you are not looking to make any new purchases, a coat of fresh paint will do the trick. Changing these smaller pieces will give your home an instant and budget-friendly facelift.

Green cupboards, featured on source)



Green dining chairs, featured on source)

Green is the color of nature and signifies health and growth, so having green chairs in the dining area makes sense. The darker shades of green are easy to match with many other colors like gold, blue and wood tones. Mix-and-match your interior decor to add some green pieces. If you have some old chairs that need upholstering, it might be a good idea to turn them green.

Green wingback chairs, featured on source)



Green wall art, featured on source)

Green is visually soothing. That’s why the area behind the stage where actors wait to go on is called the green room. Having a green painting or picture of nature will add calmness to your decor. Since green color represents optimism and positivity, you can add green colored art to your home office to keep you motivated while you work.



Green couch in the living room, featured on source)

If it’s time to change the couch or if you are looking to add extra seating around the house, green will help liven up the space. Also, after an explosion of grays and muted tones, it’s time to add pops of color to your interiors. You can always balance out the bright green by using some cushions in complementary and softer tones, and a light colored carpet.

Green chaise lounge, featured on source)



Green bathroom tiles, featured on source)

Feel extra fresh every morning with hints of green in your bathroom! Adding green tiles on the walls or the floor will add a that fresh vitality to your morning routine. Another great option is updating your plain white bathtub by adding a coat of green paint on the outside.

Green bathtub, featured on source)



Green carpet, featured on source)

Even though walking on grass is not even comparable to a green carpet, it sure does add a visual allure that is similar to that of a lush garden. Also, carpets are easy to change with season and trends, so a green carpet is a quick fix if you want to update your home for the coming year.

Green carpet, featured on source)

I am eagerly looking forward to this cozy color palette being welcomed in our homes, and all the exciting ways it will be used over the coming year.

What’s your favorite color?