Quiet Surprises in the American Dream Home

You could be forgiven for thinking this home is an American townhouse, given its traditional style and classic tastes. But actually on the other side of the world a few continents away, this villa is in a gated residence in New Cairo, Egypt. The house has been transformed into a home by this young couple, who eschewed some of the more traditional local designs for rich patterns and fittings to have an international feel to their place while still making sure it felt like home. It’s luxurious, cozy and has a few surprises too.

Before interiors in this home tour featuring American style in Egypt, on NONAGON.style

The villa was redistributed from its original spaces. Most homes in Egypt have a living room and a separate classic reception room for receiving guests, but the owners in this place wanted to just have the one large living room to be able to use it for all occasions.

Kitchen and dining room area with modern look

The kitchen and dining room area is open plan, and situated centrally to the house. The owner wanted to be able to cook at the same time as being able to see into the living room where the children usually play.

EAT - kitchen lights and open shared kitchen

The lighting elements in this home are a medley of styles. The collection of Restoration Hardware lamps in the kitchen paired with spot lights around the border of the room help with seeing what you’re doing. But that large EAT sign on the wall is also an attraction against the plain wall, hopefully exciting enough to draw the kids in for mealtime.

Before photo of home tour from Hoda Lasheen Interiors (on NONAGON.style)

Grand home tour with modern living room - family house in Egypt

It was Hoda Lasheen Interior Design that worked on this project, and they wanted to create a good source of light for the living room. At the same time there was an issue with light in the central part of the room potentially blocking views of the television from other viewpoints, so the cluster of lights above the sofa was a solution to spreading the light out around the room, creating something stunning to look at, and still being practical.

American Dream Home in Egyptian Villa - home tour on NONAGON.style

The finishing details of the home are these silk curtains which give off a lovely and luxurious vibe, with a simple color collection of browns, grays, and blues. Similar colors appear upstairs, too.

Dressing room with sliding door

The top floor was originally three rooms and a living room, but they wanted to eliminate that living room space upstairs. Instead, the room was turned into a dressing room connected to the master bedroom. There is a sliding door to be able to have some privacy while using the room, and in case the other is sleeping.

Bathroom with big open window to master bedroom

Another surprising feature in the master bedroom is the large window that connects the bathroom and bedroom. Its design allows you to watch TV from the bathtub, with speakers also installed in the bathroom.

Master bathroom looks out to the dressing room

Before image for this villa home in Egypt - lovely arch windows

Chaise in the bedroom, soft grays and soothing color palette

The finishing touch to the master bedroom is this quiet chaise, with the pendant lighting and graceful curtain combination at the windows.

Brick walls and a leather couch - family room with plenty of style

What would you do with your basement area? This house has allowed the basement space to become a family shared time, and a place to unwind. The bare brick walls give the room a natural and relaxed look.

Library area in the basement, with bare brick walls and plenty of books

Outdoor area before renovation - Hoda Lasheen Interiors American Dream Home tour on NONAGON.style

Outdoor area with simple setting

The garden area is now a space with plenty of furniture to have family and friends over, with partitions and greenery to create some privacy. When having friends round, they can feel happy to share the living room spaces, with the fun surprises and fabulous lighting arrangements dotted around in this American Dream Home.

Home tour of American Dream home in Egyptian villa - on NONAGON.style


Project: American Dream Home

Design: Hoda Lasheen Interior Design

Photos: Hoda Lasheen Interior Design