Brighten Up Your Home with Blue

If blue is your favorite color, I have cool news for you!

While there are so many blues to choose, you think we may have discovered them all. From the lighter tones, like the soft Alice Blue to the darker shades of an Oxford Blue, there’s a massive range of hues in between. But a chemist and his team of researchers at Oregon State University accidentally discovered a new shade, and it is being hailed the most vivid tone of blue. YInMn Blue is a lot more than just a happy accident. I don’t want to bore you with the scientific details, but long story short, it’s a uniquely pretty shade of blue that we can soon use at home because the pigment is now being released for general public use. Exciting, isn’t it. And oh, it won’t fade EVER!

YInMn Blue pigment now patented - vibrant blue newly discovered

The color blue has always had somewhat of a celebrity status. It’s the color of the sky and the sea, and is associated with positive feelings like serenity and protection. Blue in its different hues has been used at home for a long time. Think about the iconic blue and white porcelain from China, or even Greek kitchens and their color schemes. It’s a decorating favorite.

Darker shades can be tricky to get perfect. Since YInMn is a darker and more vibrant color, I have collected some ideas for you to incorporate beautiful darker blues into home, without them dominating the room and leaving you with the blues.


Vases - Blue home decor and interior collection on

Bold color and vintage look, I think these glass vases will look absolutely stunning in any corner. These vases are handcrafted and mouth blown, making them even more special. Put them next to a stack of books or on a side table with fresh flowers, and they will add a classy look to your decor.


Wallpaper - Blue home decor and interior collection on

These darker tones if added to a full wall or room would make the whole space seem dark and small. However, add them to a corner as a panel and look how they make the room feel so lively. These wallpaper tiles are self adhesive which makes them easy to install. You could even do a mix and match with other colors and patterns to create your own unique look.

On the left is a mature print that could be used on a bedroom or living room wall, and the Keith Haring inspired patterns on the right are more fun print is funkier.


Knotty stool - Blue home decor and interior collection on

Aren’t they adorable! These knotted top stools are made of strong beech wood, and the cushion has a foam filling with a soft and durable outer fabric. The knot is based on a unique tying technique. It reminds me of the beautiful colorful turbans from India.

Other than the stools, you could also buy a bean bag version of these. So comfy!

Knotty beanbag - Blue home decor and interior collection on

Coffee Table

Coffee Table - Blue home decor and interior collection on

A bold coffee table can change the entire mood of the room. This round table with lacquered finish will look stunning in the living room. It comes in a flatpack and is easy to assemble. I love its geometric base that looks like it’s carved out from a single piece.

Storage Bins

Rope laundry and storage bags - Blue home decor and interior collection on

I love the pattern on these sturdy storage bins. They’d work well as a laundry bag or to store the kids’ toys. They are handmade and are a 100% cotton, available in various sizes too. You don’t have to worry about hiding your storage bins anymore!


Mosaic tiles - Blue home decor and interior collection on

Blue is not an unusual color for the bathroom. It creates a coastal or nautical look that refreshes the senses in the morning. Even if your bathroom doesn’t have too much natural light, these porcelain tiles will make sure you feel bright and fresh.

Wingback Chair and Ottoman

Wingback chair and ottoman - Blue home decor and interior collection on

An entire sofa in dark blue can be a huge commitment when you have a classy home, but a wingback chair and ottoman like this will add a welcoming and elegant look to the living room. It is also ideal for your study corner to comfortably sit and read your books in style.


Abstract art - Blue home decor and interior collection on

Since blue is such a soothing color, a large painting will add a calming effect to your home. This handmade abstract art piece from Etsy is a showstopper. I love how the brush strokes in this painting look like giant waves in the sea.


Intricate detailing on shelves - Blue home decor and interior collection on

This five tier bookshelf will add a style statement to your living room! Its cutout motifs are gorgeous. You could use storage boxes in complementary colors to tuck away small items. Since it is open on both ends, you could even use it to create a partition in the room.

There is no limit to how you can use a particular color in your home. What’s your favorite color?