Etsy Finds for Home with – Ice Cream Edition

I personally consider any moment a good moment to enjoy dessert, but as summer’s here in the northern hemisphere, and America celebrates National Ice Cream Month, it’s a good time to get licking!

The temperature is rising and school is out. Well what better way to cool down than with ice cream? Back in the day, it was only the rich who could afford this treat, but as refrigeration became more readily accessible the ice cream cone grew in popularity. Now we can all enjoy a good ice cream.

It’s been a favorite for generations, in many forms and flavors. So bring a taste of summer home and keep cool with these ice cream themed home decor Etsy finds.


Cookie Cutter by Lubimova Cookie Cutter

Ice Cream Cookie Cutter on

Adorable cookie cutters are fun. What’s better than an ice cream shaped cookie to go with your ice cream? For fun with the kids you can whip up different frosting colors to match their favorite flavors. Don’t forget to add sprinkles!


Wall Decals by Ohongs Design Studio

Ice Cream and Popsicle Wall Decals on

Brighten up the kids’ bedroom or playroom with these tasty wall decals. I love the cute colors and combination of cones and popsicles. The mix and match opportunities mean they will pair well with whatever layout you go for. Decals add fun to bare walls without all the hard work of a paint job.


Breakfast Plate by Ninainvorm

Ice Cream Screen Print Art on Plates, on

Tired of trying to argue that you can’t eat ice cream for breakfast? Start the morning with these handsome ice cream plates to catch the drips from delicious breakfast popsicles. The screen print illustrations on the plate are made by Dutch artist Nina van de Goor, and mix and match nicely with other patterns in the collection.


Cushions by Bandana Shop

Baby Crib Cushions, Ice Cream Home Decor on

These delightful cushions couldn’t have found a better place than a crib. Colorful cones will keep baby company during dream time. Each hand sewn cushion is made from cotton for a soft touch, and can be machine washed. Great for a baby shower gift, and the happy colors will brighten up any nursery.


Honeycomb Party Decor by Candy Cupcake Shop

Ice Cream Paper Decorations on

Honeycomb ice cream is delicious, have you ever tried it? In New Zealand it’s called Hokey Pokey and usually features a delicious base with lumps of honeycomb toffee scattered throughout. Well, if you can’t get hold of some honeycomb ice cream where you are maybe these honeycomb party decorations will make do. These paper creations pull open to get the party going. Jazz up the backyard for summer parties with friends, hang them for kids’ birthdays. They’re a fun way to celebrate summer.


Personalized Popsicle Sticks by Midtown Trees

Engraved Message Popsicle Sticks on

The cool party trick you didn’t know you needed: next time you’re making your own popsicles use personalized sticks. Use them as labels to remember what you’ve put in them. Celebrate big events by engraving the dates. Inscribe them with a secret message …it will be a funny way to get your point across!


Ice Cream Spoons by Milk and Honey Luxuries

Stamped Spoons on

We all scream for ice cream! Make every bite taste even more delicious. This set of silver-plated vintage tablespoons are hand stamped. Dig in to a bowl and celebrate your shared love for this summer treat.


Mouse Pad by Xong Design

Ice Cream Mouse Mat on

Do you spend most of your days on the computers? Why not add a nice touch to your work area with cute cones. Try adding some pretty pastel by including this ice cream print mouse pad on your desk.


Ice Cream Art by Mod Pop Deco

Gold Ice Cream Art on on

How to grow up and stay childlike at heart? A golden tribute to ice cream is a classy way to add some fun to your plain walls. The faux gold foil print is ideal for modern muted opulence. Show it off in your dining or living room, and decorate the shelves with matching gold candlestick holders.


Did we miss something? How do you incorporate your ice cream obsession into your home decor?

Check out our other Etsy Finds. Enjoy the summer and let me know what your favorite ice cream flavor is!