A Colorful Home Inspired by World Travels

This California house used to be an old rustic style home with a Mediterranean touch, until it met its new owners. The new inhabitants – a couple, who are both dentists – wanted a minimal home with white walls and clean lines. The modernization of this home meant starting from scratch and re-imagining every space in new light.

The owners also wanted to include art in their home, inspired by their world travels, and add pops of color to complement the minimal white aesthetics. The couple loves to travel and wanted their home to reflect that in the subtle ways. Peggy of Dupuis Design explains that she was excited to work with them as they shared the same design philosophy and love for art.

Beautiful staircase with colorful wallpaper, featured in NONAGON.style

As you enter the house, you are welcomed by a bright and colorful wall mural that was custom designed in Italy. It was inspired by the couple’s travels to France. The sunburst pattern imitates the stained glass of the medieval cathedrals, and looks like a shattered glass falling down towards the ground. What a pretty thing to look at right at the entrance!

Beautiful staircase with colorful custom designed wallpaper, featured in NONAGON.style

The mural even makes the wall look taller than it is, and this narrow corner is even brighter than it would be with just the plain white walls. This mural also sets the tone for the interiors for the rest of the home.

Home entrance with beautiful mirror and staircase with glass railing, featured in NONAGON.style

At the entrance you can already see the clean lines, bright white spaces and minimal aesthetics. The giant baroque style mirror was in the owner’s personal collection, which was repainted white to blend into the decor. It looks stunning and also helps reflecting some light and views of the wall mural.

Beautiful staircase with colorful wallpaper, featured in NONAGON.style

The glass railings of the staircase are a great idea as they help maintain the openness of the design and do not block any views or light. The curved glass of this railing was the most difficult part of the design execution in this house. The attention to detail and going the extra mile to get the perfect look is what makes this home so much more special.

Minimal living room, featured in NONAGON.style

Since the owners were looking for a home where they can relax, think and enjoy their time together, this room is the perfect spot to do that. The neutral tones and comfy cushions make this living room an ideal place to unwind at the end of the day. If you look closely, one bright green cushion with multicolored chevron stripes sneakily sits among the rest to add a slight bit of color to this space.

Minimal living room with blue wall and pops of yellow, featured in NONAGON.style

This room with the eye-catching Klein blue wall looks impressive. Peggy says it’s her favorite color and she was so excited to try it in this home. The results are amazing! It looks perfect against the custom designed geometric fireplace. The pops of yellow also beautifully complement the blue. I love the beanbag style lounge chairs and ottoman. It truly reflects the modern yet comfortable style that the owners were looking for.

Above the fireplace is a Takashi Murakami print from the owner’s travels to Japan.

Stunning minimal kitchen with custom lighting, featured in NONAGON.style

One of the spaces that the owners loved the most in their new home is this kitchen. They wanted a plain white minimal space where they can focus on cooking and spending time together. They love the clean open space and lots of storage that helps in keeping the kitchen clutter free.

Stunning minimal kitchen with custom lighting, featured in NONAGON.style

Isn’t the lighting above the kitchen island stunning! Its geometric shape ties in beautifully with the design theme of this home.

Minimal dining room with beautiful lighting and japanese wall art, featured in NONAGON.style

There are so may unique elements in this dining room. The oval glass top of the dining table looks gorgeous. It is quite an unconventional choice and befitting to this home. The lighting above the table is another unique piece. There is also another Murakami piece of wall art as an ode to the owner’s love for Japan.

Minimal bedroom with colorful decor and pink wingback chair, featured in NONAGON.style

This bedroom features all the modern minimal features but with a burst of colors. You can also see a lot of plush toys from the owners’ collection. The bright pink fuchsia egg chair looks delightful in this room, along with the rug in watercolor prints. The various plush toys are popular Japanese characters; Murakami flower smileys and Kiiroitori.

Pink wingback chair and Japanese wall art, featured on NONAGON.style

It was like a match made in design heaven, as Peggy and the owners shared similar design philosophies and their love for Japanese art. Peggy says it was much more fun working on this particular project as she felt the freedom to execute her designs. The owners were thrilled with the results and it shows that their design dreams were translated faultlessly into their dream home.

Colorful bedroom, featured on NONAGON.style

The walls in this bedroom look like they jumped right out of a storybook. The faded wall color makes it look like clouds in the sky, and you can again see some Japanese plush toys like the Kaikai Kiki in the red egg chair. I love how this room looks so cheerful and fun with no restraints of looking formal. However, it still maintains a simple and minimal aesthetic.

Minimal bathroom in California, featured on NONAGON.style

The bathrooms are plain white and minimal, just like the kitchen. Sleek hardware and slight patterns on the wall tiles blend in with the overall theme of the house, with a focus on utilization of the space and functional features.

Minimal bathroom in California, featured on NONAGON.style

Beautiful colorful wallpaper inspired from French cathedrals, featured on NONAGON.style

There is no trace of the home’s rustic Mediterranean past, as this home looks like an entirely new house with stunning features and thrilling art. The owners love every bit of their new home, with the wall mural as the main focal point of the entire design. I love how this home introduces pops of color in the otherwise minimal spaces without being overwhelming; and I just can’t stop admiring this wall mural.

Project: Ladera Ranch

Designer: Dupuis Design

Photography:  Chibi Moku