How to Make a Rental Feel Like Home – Part 2

This is part two in our series How to Make a Rental Feel Like Home. If you want to see part one, check it out here.

We’re not all able to own a house, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel at home in a rented space. Once you transform the place you rent, it becomes your sanctuary. A few personal touches make a huge difference. After all, at the end of a long day we want a place that we look forward to coming back to.


3. Floor Coverings

You might be lucky enough to find an apartment with the flooring of your dreams, and if you do, that’s pretty great. But sometimes the flat you find can tick all the boxes except… the flooring. That is where rugs come in handy.

The choice of rug you go for will depend on the weather where you live. For a hotter climate you might opt for a lighter rug, but if you seek to create a cozy solace for your home, you should look for a shaggier rug. Also, different rooms can have varied looks.

Check out this link for 12 inspirational rooms that do layered rugs really well.

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  • Living area
    Ask yourself: do you eat around the coffee table? If yes you might want to stay away from shaggy rugs. Pick a carpet that will be easy to clean. As for the size, it is up to you. It could cover the whole living area, or just the sofa, coffee table and surrounding seats, Maybe it’s just a little larger than the coffee table

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  • Dining area
    Either no rugs or choose a dark colored one, for cleaning purposes. As for the size, chose a rug that is large enough to sit under both the table and all chairs when they are pulled out.

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  • Bathroom
    Have fun with your bath or shower mat. Choose something that will be durable in a more humid environment. Also check that it’s not too thick so that the bathroom door can open without it getting caught. If you have the space you can go for a larger than typical size. In a rental, it can be hard to adapt the bathroom, so you could consider matching the color of this rug to your towels too to make it feel cohesive.

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  • Bedroom
    Choose a rug that feels luxurious underfoot. Test it out barefoot and walk on it. This is where you go right before bed and when you wake up. Remember that a luxurious feel does not have to be pricey, you’re looking for super soft and comfortable.

For more rug ideas check out how these 12 rooms all worked layered rugs to create a varied look, or check out some of these colorful and creative rugs to get you started.


4. Window Dressing

Curtains and blinds are also another item that can be changed or improved.

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Blinds can get a bit costly, but swapping out your curtains can be quick and cheap. If you have blackout curtains or blinds, I would suggest that you keep these as blackouts are more costly then normal curtains. Add another rail in front of them and chose your desired fabric to place over.

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Sheers are a personal preference, so that you can add some privacy. But remember that at night, sheers are see through with the light on inside.

While some of these changes seem like a lot of work and effort, the payoff is huge. Take the time to make the changes that give a place more identity, for a more peaceful you. If you want to keep informed on the next update of our making a home feel like a rental series, make sure to sign up to our newsletter, or like us on Facebook.

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This article was written by Tara Barot exclusively for With experience in interior design, real estate leasing and living in Hong Kong, Tara has a large skill set which enables her to forge solutions for creating homes. Her philosophy is that no matter the size of your dwelling, you should always have a place that feels like yours – a place you want to come back to. Changes do not have to be extreme, and can be achieved at an affordable price.

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