How to Press Flowers at Home – Pressed Flower Art DIY

Learn how to press flowers in this step by step DIY. Pressed flowers capture a moment, and it’s a great way to preserve those beautiful blooms that would otherwise wilt.

1. What you need for your DIY pressed flowers

-Photo Frame
-Heavy book
-Greaseproof paper


-Tissues or absorbent paper


2. Selecting Blooms

Cut your flowers, leaves and petals for pressing. Think about the sizes and shapes that you want from the finished piece.


3. Arrange

Line pages of the heavy book with greaseproof paper. Place the flowers gently on the greaseproof paper, laid out in the desired shape and pattern. Make sure to flatten the flowers, petals and leaves. You can put tissues, newspaper or blotting paper in between the greaseproof paper and the book to soak up some of the moisture.


4. Press 

Close the book to press the flowers. Weigh it down with a heavy object and leave untouched for two to three weeks.


5. Surprise!

After the flowers have dried out, gently remove them from the paper. You may use tweezers if necessary.


6. Frame

Transfer the flowers and leaves to the photo frame and arrange them nicely. Secure the frame and you have your framed pressed flower art.

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