How to Style Good Looking Open Storage Spaces

Do you have shelves? Of course you do, we all have some space in our house where we stash away our belongings. But what’s the secret to saving these storage spaces from looking ugly and cluttered?

There are many ways to display the things we use on our shelves, whether they be books in the living room, utensils in the kitchen or toiletries in the bathroom. It’s time to turn your open storage spaces into works of art, with these tips.

1. Select only beautiful and useful items

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It seems like an obvious point to make but if you want your space to look beautiful, only use beautiful objects. I grew up with the William Morris adage that you should fill your home only with items you know to be useful, and believe to be beautiful. It’s a great way to cut through to the essential items in your home, ensuring that you are surrounded by things that make you happy. Bring out these beautiful items and put them on display for smiles all day. It makes sense to keep the useful items near to hand, it saves you rummaging through drawers and peering at the back of cupboards to get to them.


2. Show off your collection

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It takes time to build up a collection, so show off your favorite pieces. With a board of mugs hanging this way you can easily find your favorite. After all, a lot of hard work goes into crafting a perfectly curated collection cups. It’s a conversation starter to have your items on display, and maybe seeing things lined up in their glory may just convince you to finally get rid of those gimmicky un-loved items. Like that oddly shaped mug you received at a business convention in 2007.


3.  Enjoy making vignettes

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So now that you have chosen the items you love and want to display, enjoy putting vignettes together. Cluster similar items, pick your favorite colors, show off art and items you’re proud of. By displaying your personal objects in this way, you’re really showing off some of your taste and character. Whether that be silly, sassy, or bold and brash.


4. Find a space for everything

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One of the ways to cut down on mess is to make sure everything has its own space. So when something is out of place, you know exactly where to put it back. This is particularly important in small apartment spaces, where room boundaries can easily blur. In this tiny home, the banjo sits above the knife block. That may not be the conventional place to keep a banjo, but at least you know that’s where you’ll find it.


5. Not just what but where

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If you’re choosing open storage to make the best use of space, think outside the bookshelf. There are many other ways you can hang and store, so look at blank walls and boxes in new ways. Use the space under the shelf, in between the fridge and the cupboards, and look to the spaces above the door frame.


6. Storage solutions can be flexible

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Whether you acquire new books or the latest clothes, your home will fill with more memories and quite possibly, more stuff. Remember that open storage will most likely need to grow and adapt to your changing lifestyle. That’s okay though, because there are different ways of creating an open storage space that still provides flexibility. The peg board style lets you move shelves around; keep the useful items close to hand and tuck the hardly-ever-used bits up top. The kitchen door DIY really keeps those essentials at the ready – that is what makes it excellent kitchen storage.


7. Choose a color family

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If you want your open storage to suit the room, pick a color palette and stick to it. Cluster items together that go with that color, and it will overall look cohesive and well put together. These rooms go with woods, neutrals and blues and that’s because they’re great colors for a soothing interior. Easy to match with new pieces of dishware that you may add to your collection, too.


8. Pick similar shades to blend into the background

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This is more than just choosing colors that go well together. I’m saying choose decorations and dishware that blend with the surroundings if you want the space to feel bigger. Glass, white ceramics and simple block colors are easy ways to do this. Another way to show that you have curated the look and feel of the room – very sophisticated.


9. Choose color schemes that pop

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Coastal kitchen turquoise, open storage style guide on source)

Alternatively to blending in, use your shelves and open storage to create colorful collections! If you want to style your space so that it looks as pretty as a picture, then you want the colors to contrast from the wall. Create collections that stand out to draw attention to different parts of the room.

The open storage look isn’t solely confined to the kitchen, and there are ways to style and decorate all around the house. At the root of it all, you want to select and display items that make you happy when you look at them. I hope some of these ideas have helped you out with some of your own storage styling!