Instantly Elevate a Room to Sophistication with Watercress

Watercress inspired interior design.

Watercress: a refreshing, leafy accompaniment to a salad, sandwich and your living room? Well if kale can ascend from the dinner table to the world of interior design then why can’t watercress?

Strong, refined and timeless, watercress instantly elevates a room to sophistication and offers an unusual, though still classic, style choice for the modern home. Here, we share our favorite watercress-hued spaces and furnishings for your inspiration.

Living room features watercress tones matched well with deep leather - find out more on (image source)

The muted, dusky undertones of watercress make it the perfect moody color choice for a grown up space such as a study or home library. Make like interior designer Gideon Mendelson and add soft plush furnishings in warm chocolate brown and cream shades to create coziness in a traditionally serious space.

Watercress chaise lounge chair looks sophisticated in deep green tones - find out more on (image source)

An edgy, structural chaise lounge with a glossy black base offers a modern backdrop for the handsome watercress hue. Position next to a large glass window with a view for a dreamy afternoon nap spot.

Dark green works beautifully matched with copper and black in the bathroom - find out more on (image source)

When we introduce a modern kitchen here on, we bet that more often than not you envision a stark white room, all marble counter tops and chrome finishes. Except this time the modern kitchen is a deep matte watercress, with gold accents and timber floors. Though the marble counter tops endure, we love how the watercress and gold work together to create a modern opulence. For a truly contemporary vibe, temper this lavish color choice with simple, utilitarian handle-less cabinetry from NAKED Kitchens.

Gorgeous green hue that matches with warm simplicity. Wheeleable table block - find out more on

Do you ever find yourself struggling for extra storage space? A playful solution comes in the form of this Scandinavian-designed watercress Block Table. Inspired by the classic trolley table, the design has been updated with a cooler rounded shape and juxtaposing steel and wood materials. We think this would make a great addition to a kids playroom, as seen in this Viennese family home.

Bedroom fuses minimal with soft patterns - find out more on

Proving how remarkably versatile watercress can be, this bedroom featured on Emily Henderson’s blog is a fantastic example of how the masculine shade can be incorporated into a bright, airy minimalist setting. As a pop of color in a neutral Scandinavian-inspired space, watercress is vibrant enough to serve as an unexpected design detail yet not so obnoxious as to take away from the intended simplicity of a utilitarian design choice.

Green glass vase matches with wooden base - find out more on

Embrace the all-natural spirit of watercress with this beautiful spherical vase by AMARA. We’re particularly drawn to the contrast between the delicate handmade glass bowl and sturdy ash wood base. Fill with your favorite white petaled blooms to complement the simplicity of the design.

Watercress tones in this family play room - find out more on

One reason why we love the watercress shade so much is due to its ability to play well with a range of both complementary and contrasting colors. In this kids bedroom designed by Frances Merrill for example, watercress is used to great effect as a basic canvas to layer in more striking reds, yellows and deep blues. Because watercress is such a timeless shade, all that’s needed to update the room when the kids grow up is a change of accessories. We hope they keep that hanging rattan chair though – no one’s ever too old for a hanging chair right?

Outdoor seating or perfect for the dining room? - find out more on

Barbecue season has officially arrived so you’ll no doubt be needing some stylish seating options for your roster of guests. We love this Nordic-inspired, watercress-hued rattan Tub Chair which combines both comfort and practicality.

COLOR SERIES: Watercress | NONAGON.STYLE from nonagonstyle on Vimeo.

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