Ever Wanted to See How Interior Designers Style Their Homes?

Gaila González is one of the interior designers at Spanish interior design studio Egue y Seta, and she has opened up her delightful apartment for a home tour. With a delectably curated collection of art, cute cats, and a medley of furniture, it’s an utterly charming flat. Let’s take a look around!

From the kitchen window you can see a view over A Coruña, in the Spanish city of Galicia. The apartment is a stone’s throw away from the main city plaza Maria Pita. “After about over a year of searching, we found this flat by chance, just as we were about to throw in the towel,” says González.

It was a breeze to decorate the rooms, as each one came together making it quite clear what needed to be added.

The rented apartment already had a well-renovated kitchen, with these gorgeous tiles proving quite a focal point for the room.

Many of the items in the apartment are inherited, handmade, or found in the rubbish heap. Although, González is emphatic that it’s not rubbish to her. Especially as so much of it has good bones, strong wood and gorgeous design styles. With a mix of purchases from markets and travels over the years, the apartment tells a personal story.

“For us, a house is never finished. The decoration of our home is in continual evolution, just like ourselves,” says González.

The entrance of the house has a wall of windows, making sure that light is able to transcend from end to end of the apartment – it’s a sanctuary of light and personality. The kitchen and living room remain two separate spaces, but just as well lit as one large open plan space.

This home office also doubles as a guest room, or sitting area. When you’re thinking about the layout for each room it’s important to think about what the room will be used for; it’s great to see that the room has such capacity for different activities. I especially like the pairing of geometric lines on the coffee table, rug and planter.

Adorning the walls of the home is art made by friends or people González knows; there is certainly a mix of styles. But at the core, it’s classic and appeals to a Scandinavian or mid-century aesthetic, with its wood furniture and white walls paired with colorful trinkets and eye catching patterns. “We love the classic, timeless look, mixed with objects of every type,” she explains.

I asked González about the mirrors, and she quips “I get asked this a lot! It’s not to look at myself all the time, by the way!” The different patterns, shapes and locations make the mirrors a fine addition to the room’s assorted collection. “They are like pieces of art that constantly change depending on where you look. You can see the interior of a house, the street, the sky… it’s a great source of light and brightness, they are almost like windows.”

It’s also the home for these two cats; Musa and, hiding behind the dining chair, Alton.

It was the dressing room that really sold the apartment. This simple area has all the space for getting ready and a huge mirror which is absolutely perfect for this spot. The rug keeps the room from feeling bare, and acts as a friendly space that connects the bedroom and bathroom.

“I love to combine different shapes and materials; objects that probably aren’t intended to go together but once you unite them they become inseparable,” González explains. “The idea that you need matching furniture is something that doesn’t appeal to me at all.”

González gave us her advice for interior design; to be daring and be yourself. Overall you want a house that speaks your voice and not necessarily one that matches fashions and trends because, after all, don’t forget that you’re the person who has to live there!

A private urban refuge, with a finely curated collection, the apartment feels homely and cozy. If you want to see more Egue y Seta home tours, check out this bright and cheerful Barcelona apartment or the tall ceilings in this Madrileño house designed to provide inspiration and intrigue.

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Project: Gaila’s Home

Design: Gaila González from Egue y Seta

Photos: Vicugo Foto

*Interview responses have been translated from Spanish.