A Green Apartment Provides Calm

Situated on the 30th floor of one of the highest buildings in Kiev, this unique home belongs to a young family of three. They wanted a space that reflects their modern lifestyle. The apartment was transformed into a functional home that incorporated vibrant bold colors with strong minimalist styling.

Minimal home style in Kiev

Step inside the apartment and you’ll see the rich green concrete kitchen, encased in a steel frame window partition reminiscent of the art deco style seen in many buildings from the 1920s.

Kiev apartment kitchen and living room

While many apartments these days focus on an open plan layout, this kitchen benefits from the partition as smells and noise can be contained quite easily. From the kitchen, you’re immediately greeted by the open plan dining room and living room with a stunning view of the city and the Dnieper River.

Kitchen section in otherwise open plan apartment

During the day, the apartment is beaming with a gratifying energy from its rich blue and green walls. The deep color palette changes the perception of the apartment’s space depending on the shade of natural light, making it feel larger in daylight.

Kitchen mixes metals and wood textures

Classic wood textures and metals are combined wonderfully in the kitchen, with a great sense of style.

Nuvola light is like a cloud in this high rise apartment

True to its high-rise location, the dining room features an elegant Nuvola pendant lamp resembling the shape of a cloud. It’s based on an original design by Mario Bellini dating from 1974 and gives the open plan area a strong statement piece that complements the minimal dining set.

Green vibes and energy in minimal apartment

One of the things the home owners love the most about this apartment is the way the light changes the different colors on the walls and floors throughout the day or night, and even depending on the weather or season of the year.

Cloud lamp above the dining room in Kiev family apartment

The designers chose to paint over the concrete surfaces directly to emphasize the strong textures of the walls.

Blue and Green dining room ideas and inspiration

Dining room living room apartmnet

The playful mix of dining chairs add a spark of interest to the space. Made with slender wooden legs, even the spindle back chair allows light to pass through freely.

Concrete and blue walls in this apartment

We love the wide sectional sofa because it serves as a comfortable lounge chair when you just want to relax in front of the television, and doubles up as extra seating for guests in the dining area.

Subway tiles in the bathroom

Subway tiles and concrete sink in the bathroom

The guest bathroom also uses concrete, like other parts of the house, but mostly as a bench and sink area. The industrial style with subway tiles is softened with wood fittings and intricate light fixtures.

How to contain the kitchen without making it dark

Green walls in the apartment

Rich green walls in the bedroom

Green bedroom calming

Make your way down the corridor and you’ll find the master bedroom open up to beautiful views of the city. Pops of color are welcome, with the orange and blue wall lamps on either side of the bed. It’s a great way to offer distinction accompanied by his and hers bedside tables.

Blues and greens in the minimal bedroom

Calming colors in this minimal style bedroom

Bedroom in sky high minimal apartment in Kiev

A favorite feature of high rise living is being able to take in the sunset hues and city of stars lighting up the night sky.

Fab bathroom design with green white and wood

Bathroom with white hexagon tiles and green ceiling skirting

If you’re a fan of geometric home decor, the master bathroom is a great source of inspiration. It serves as the entrance to the dressing room and a showstopper on its own. The black bathroom tiles scattered with different patterns are reflected on the wide mirror enhancing the visual appeal.

Geometric bathroom tiles in green apartment

Geometric patterns in the bathroom

The bathroom interiors are a great example of how to mix patterns and colors without being overwhelming.

This unique apartment has even more surprises in store. The home office is a haven for getting work done, and also provides space for quiet time. The room also includes a home theater made up of a large sofa that can double as a guest bed.

Blue quiet room and TV room

Home office with a twist!

The corner window has a bar area to also provide a spot for that sundown tipple!

The bar stool area looks out onto magnificent views

All in all it is a unique home filled with unpredictability and character as each room takes you to a different place. At times it draws attention away from its rich colored walls and urges you to look outward in the skies reminding you of your place near the clouds.

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Project: Green Apartment

Design: Special Project Venediktov

Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko