It’s Hard to Believe This is a Basement

How do you make a basement feel bright? Basement design inspiration can come in many forms, but this studio apartment in Taiwan is a stunning example of how to make a gloomy space more cheerful.

While the building may be old and leaking, the new basement renovation suggests freshness and a crisp forward thinking design concept. Owned by a couple of newlyweds who work in the creative design field, they were looking to arrange their basement home to have enough light, deal with the high humidity, and create suitable ventilation.

The Easter Island statue planter in the entryway is a fun statement piece that gives you a flavor for the rest of the home, while the bathroom plays between dark and light tiles effectively.

Peeking into the main area of the home and you can see that a sunshine yellow beams through the apartment. This zesty lemon color was chosen to increase the lighting and create a warm effect for the room.

To one side of the room there is ample storage, once again opting for bright colors that give the room some playfulness and warmth. Good storage organization is the solution to a clutter free household.

The cold hard tiles of the basement were replaced with wood floors, to give a much softer feel underfoot.

You can see how everything fits alongside each other in the space, designating areas by function. A place for everything, and everything in its place.

A happy vignette calls you to be seated!

The work area has space for both couples to complete their tasks. On the other hand the furniture can be moved around easily to accommodate guests in the small space.

Initially the basement contained two rooms with poor traffic flow. But by opening up there is a broader view, with a good balance between light and shapes.

The one space where you won’t find too much yellow is the bedroom.

In here an ash gray was chosen to help lower the saturation of space color, and make it a comfortable place to unwind at the end of the day.

One of the characteristics of the apartment is definitely the way the room is segregated into areas for sleep, work, and play. As sleep is arguably the most important of the three (for without sleep the others don’t happen), there is an adjustable curtain to help create a cocoon that keeps things quiet.

Much easier to pull along a curtain and save space compared to a sliding door. If you’re thinking of doing this for your studio apartment, remember to go for thick black out curtains to reduce both light and noise.

The space works for the couple, despite both having different living habits. They’ve even thought about how the space can be adjusted easily if there is a new member of the family.

What a warm and cheerful place, with a quirky collection of items and a clever mixed use of space.

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Project: Bright Basement

Design: A Lentil Design

Photos: A Lentil Design