Light and Space in this Beverly Grove Home

At first glance, this stunning home in Los Angeles takes you straight back to the Light and Space movement of the 1960s, with its streamlined structure and modern panels.

This is the home of a couple who enjoy art, music and travel. With a keen eye for design, they were able to establish early on their vision to make this house feel like home.

Southern California home, Beverly Grove

The clean facade boasts a beautiful maple and concrete entrance that stands out unexpectedly from the more traditional houses in the neighborhood. From across the street, the house entices the eye with its futuristic vibes. The driveway and front steps blend smoothly out to the pavement, while both the garage door and entrance are made from maple wood boards.

Modern home, Southern California

The concrete steps are cleanly cut, ushering you straight through the door. Plants were selected for their ability to survive in the hot, dry conditions often found in Southern California.

Purple sofa and deep gray recessed shelving niche

What greets you inside is an equally modern living room. The bold lilac sectional sofa adds a burst of energy to the space, pared down by a glass coffee table with an intriguing stacked base.

The recessed ceiling gives the space privacy, while the narrow horizontal windows allow light to illuminate the room. Even the shelves are recessed, creating depth in the walls emphasized by a darker shade of paint.

Raw steel frame staircase with open courtyard

We can’t ignore the steel-framed windows that span from the floor to the ceiling, keeping natural light in the house. The polished concrete floors spreads across the home, reflecting daylight and connecting different areas of the house.

The owners wanted an eco-friendly home that exuded understated luxury with timeless and classic finishes. With the courtyard easily in view, the interiors stay in harmony with the outdoors and the room feels spacious. The methods of construction have indeed ensured the owners’ aims were met.

White and walnut kitchen

The open plan kitchen is the perfect combination of modern and minimal, easily becoming one of the favorite parts of the house. The deep walnut cabinets offer the perfect accent to the elegant kitchen island with its countertop in a similar rich brown shade.

Kitchen to pool in three easy steps

The sliding glass walls by the kitchen lead out to a breezeway that also serves as an occasional dining area.

The open area is wonderful for entertaining guests as it sits right by the poolside, with the trendy green deck chairs openly inviting you for a relaxing day under the sun.

Steel staircase seems to be suspended

As you make your way up the suspended steel staircase, you get a view of the courtyard. When you reach the second floor, you’ll find two spacious bedrooms each with their own private bathrooms. The bedrooms look out to a view of the Hollywood Hills and gorgeous sunsets.

White and walnut master suite

There’s an abundance of white custom closets lined across the room. The subtle walnut trims puncture the white space, keeping it interesting. Here, the designers made sure there’s more than enough storage to keep the living space open and free from clutter.

Upstairs landing for the bathroom and bedrooms

The sliding doors offer an element of privacy to the room, without the need for bulky door knobs. Notice the pops of color from the black and yellow bookshelf, creating a striking counterpoint to offset the minimal space.

Bathroom area on concrete

Even the bathtub is structured with smooth lines and slanted edges. It sits on the polished concrete floor, visually dividing the open plan master suite.

Recessed panel for walnut cupboard looks sleek

Concrete and walnut in the bathroom

Modern bathroom in Southern California

The concrete bathroom exudes modernism, with the collection of shapes and wooden fittings. The play on textures contrasts the bright open plan bedrooms. Only a glass screen separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom, allowing light to flood in unobstructed.

Bedroom area with plenty of storage

Private balcony for sunset views

Sometimes, an area to step outside and breathe in fresh air, brings a whole new level of serenity to your space. Just off the master bedroom is a spacious elevated private deck that’s perfect for some meditation and calm. The wooden panels are warm, and complemented by the colored screens for when you need a bit more privacy.

Outdoor fire pit and chill out area

What’s great about this home is that it offers you different havens for relaxation. If you’re not feeling like staring off into trees, you can find your peace by the poolside. The concrete fire pit is another modern feature of the home. There’s plenty of seating for when the homeowners and their guests want some quality time together.

View from the backyard

Swimming pool fountain feature

The residence exudes a modern tranquility and opens up around the house in an almost unpredictable manner. The area is absolutely stunning and fully functional, it’s no wonder the owners are heads over heels for their new home. With an ambitious design vision, the designers were able to work hand in hand with owners to bring their dream home to completion.

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Project: Light & Space: The Drexel Residence

Design: MINARC

Photos: Art Gray

*This article has been edited to update photo credits

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