This French Maison Puts a Modern Spin on Tradition

Located in Paris, this two-level duplex boasts a design which tells a story of flowers and modern art woven on a tapestry of tradition. Embodying sophistication and chic as only the French can, we’ve fallen head over heels for this apartment’s dark moody color palette and rich velour accents. Welcome to Maison Noire.

Maison Rosko features unexpected dark paneled walls complemented by neutral accents to ensure the space remains bright and airy.

Upon entering the Parisian family home, black paneled walls make for a dramatic and unforgettable entrance. Anatoliy and Katerina Rosko, the duo behind the design of the apartment, explain that dark walls were chosen to “create an atmosphere of intimacy and inclusion.” Large windows and neutral accents help to lift the darkness, ensuring that the space feels bright and airy.

An elegant Parisian living room complete with emerald green velour sofa and vintage tapestry wall art.

An elegant Parisian living room complete with emerald green velour sofa and vintage tapestry wall art.

In the living room hangs a vintage tapestry – a replica of a family relic that has been passed down from generation to generation. The tapestry formed the basis of the design of the apartment, dictating its unique color palette and abundance of floral details. At the same time, interwoven à la mode details, such as contemporary art and unexpected materials, give the home an overall modern vibe.

A sophisticated Parisian duplex apartment with dark walls and lots of contemporary art pieces.

Fireplace and floral details in Maison Rosko.

Here, an imitation fireplace and plush velour seating create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. The space is equally suitable for a cozy family night in or an elegant cocktail party.

Concrete feature wall with hand painted frescoes of peonies in Maison Rosko, a stylish Parisian duplex apartment.

Parisian dining room featuring concrete wall with hand painted frescoes of peonies.

One of our favorite parts of this home has to be the dining area. We love the unusual concrete feature wall where hand painted frescoes of peonies add a feminine touch in a bohemian take on industrial-chic.

This vibrant, berry-adorned wreath complements the abstract wall art in this Parisian duplex apartment.

Wreaths are not just for Christmas. In fact, the decorative ring is integral to every Rosko design project. In Maison Noire, a vibrant, berry adorned wreath complements the abstract wall art and adds an injection of color to the dark walls. Take note and keep the humble wreath in mind as a budget-friendly DIY alternative to an ornate mirror or pricey painting.

In designing Maison Noir, the Roskos were able to work with their favorite aesthetic – traditional classic embellished with modern details. The result? A timeless home filled with unexpected components and intriguing details. In other words, a home truly befitting of the city of style.

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Project: Maison Noire

Design: Rosko Family Design

Photos: Rosko Family Design